14th December 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Murdered Melbourne Mum Karen Ristevski’s husband has been charged with her murder.


Three injured after fiery explosion rocks Cairns.


Melbourne Husband and Wife kept an India immigrant as a slave for 8 years.


Special Platinum Vegemite is on sale now at Coles for a $1…..showing that the hype is over…….Lasting about as long as a Bitcoin Bubble…..keep reading.


Jeff Horn defends title.


A group of teen girls have snatched the Christmas spending money of a hit n run survivor in Melbourne.


Convicted child molester stopped at Sydney Airport….Nabbed under a new law cracking down on sex holidays. No not sex on holidays….sex holidays….there is a difference.


Aussie mum and her three year old son brutally stabbed to death on the Pacific Island of Kiribati.


Man who attacked a mum and her daughter with a chainsaw could be free in two years……well don’t judicial system.


Owner finds pet dead after it was left in a dog walker’s car.


Bitcoin bubble about to burst apparently…….Let’s see what we can do with that….Big bad bitcoin bubbly bubble set to burst bigger than big bang’s big bang…Boom.


Bahamas Bride bitten on the bottom by big shark….keeping the B theme going. (they were on their honeymoon).


Hunt for Alien technology on odd asteroid in our Solar System….See pic of what NASA says may be alien life. Begs the question….what’s a non odd Asteroid look like and how come NASA is not looking on those?


Kim Kardashian…nope.


Swans found stabbed and beheaded in London.


That will do…..Got a plane to catch…..

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6th December 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


You will need to read the MNW slowly this morning as an undersea internet cable between Australia and Asia has been cut for the second time in six weeks.


Four injured in a Sydney Restaurant cool room explosion.


Police charge Sydney man with human trafficking.


Young man found floating face down in the surf at Bondi Beach, now fighting for life.


Woman infected with measles shopped around Melbourne….fears now her spots may go viral.


Seven arrested as Milo Yiannopoulos speaks in Sydney.


Demand for anal bleaching soars by 23%….no idea what that is and not keen to find out and even keener than that to not have it done.


Speaking of that region….Dangerous gastro strain strikes Adelaide Children in record numbers.


In more regional news…..Gastro outbreak strikes 200 passengers on a cruise ship travelling around Australia.


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorder is now a thing….this means that criminals can now officially blame the fact that their mother drank while pregnant for their criminal acts…..giving yet another ‘I am a victim’ card to people.


Every second news story on most news sites features something about Meghan and Harry….I am sparing you the interview she did when she was 11, her style journey, what her pet dog was called when she was 11 and what color her shoes where when she did something last year. The MNW is a H and M free zone. Except for the actual wedding.


Russia banned from competing in 2018 Winter Olympics as punishment for its widespread doping scandal.


Trumps personal bank reports handed to the FBI.


Thousands force to flee wildfires in California…..hey boys and girls, in Australia we call wildfires, bushfires. See Pic.


Fiancé of the woman taken by a shark off the coast of Costa Rica over the weekend is blaming the diving company. I personally think the shark is to blame and the fact that the shark’s mother drank alcohol.


Have a wacky Wednesday.

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5th December 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Amazon Australia officially launches. Apparently there are some good bargains in the online store but a lot of things are the same price or more expensive than in physical stores like JB Hi FI.


RBA meets today and most economists believe that rates will be left on hold for the 16th straight month.


The teen killed in Townsville over the weekend as he was being towed by a jetski…was being towed by his mum.


Cops clash with protestors in Melbourne outside far right speaker Milo’s venue.


Elderly Sydney woman savaged by her own dogs.


A PE teacher from Port Stephens has got away with having an affair with a 17 year old student because she wasn’t ‘his’ student.


Aussie backpacker still missing in Canada.


Shocking Perth McDonalds drive thru violence caught on camera.


Adelaide taxi driver viciously bashed for refusing to hand over a cigarette. See smoking really is dangerous.


Mystery as dozens of dead sharks wash up on Queensland beach….Mick Fanning was probably surfing there. See Pic.


Former Yemeni President killed for switching sides.


US and South Korea start joint military exercises.


Teen arrest over car bomb killing of Maltese journalist.


Wall Street up 115 points.


When bacon attacks: German hunter killed when the wild boar he tried to shoot attacked him.


That will do for today. Have a good one.

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4th December 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Teen revelers terrorize Perth family, who had to hide a new born baby in the bathroom to protect it.


Thousands of Catholic teachers strike.


Victoria’s deluge over.


Townsville teen killed in a high speed jet ski accident.


Driver charged after four pedestrians hit in Adelaide Mall.


Great Grandfather accidently runs over his wife of 50 years in the driveway of their Adelaide house….She died.


Perth woman told she had conjunctivitis but it turned out to be a brain tumor.


Dangerous sex offender feared to be stalking female doctors in Victoria.


A man has died in a ferocious fire which destroyed a shed on the central coast.


11 migrants rescued from inside a UK truck.


A Man in China has been filmed painting his own arrows on the road, to speed up his commute….Seems Legit.


Teenager finds ‘help me’ note on an invoice inside her Amazon delivery. See Pic.


21 year old father charged with murder of his 9 week old baby in the UK.


Nigerian Govt has a new strategy of ‘Fortress Towns’ to protect its people from Boko Haram.


A Wall Street Private Equity Manager has been taken by a Shark of the coast of Costa Rica.


That will do for today

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2nd December 2017 Morning News Wrap



M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


The people of the Federal seat of New England go to the Polls today. Former Deputy PM and former Kiwi Barnaby Joyce is the favorite to retain his seat and save the Bernie Government.


Multiple flood warnings issued across Victoria.


Socceroos get a good draw in next year’s World Cup.


Brave residents smash windows of burning Melbourne unit to save woman.


‘Rescue Flights’ from Bali have dozens of empty seats as thousands still stranded at airport. See pic.


13 year old Perth boy has been found guilty of manslaughter of an 11 year old.


Single bolt of lightning kills three Clydesdale horses ‘like a gunshot’ right in from of the owner in South Australia.


Christmas markets in Germany evacuated after a bomb was found.


Penny from the Big Bang Theory is engaged.


7-year-old boy freezes to death in the UK after being left outside by his Aunt and Uncle.


Hunter hospitalized after dog shoots him in the back in freak accident. Yeah but was it really a ‘freak’ accident or was it pay back for taking his gonads in the surgery of 07.


Wall Street down 83.


Pope Mobile becomes a Rickshaw in Bangladesh.


Hope a super Saturday.

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30th November 2017 Morning News Wrap



M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Morning News Wrap Staff survive two days of man flu. See Pic.


Two teenage boys have been arrested after they were planning a catastrophic attack on a country town school in South Australia.


Travel insurance companies not paying for stranded Bali Volcano passengers.


Bali wedding nightmare….the guests are there but the bride and groom can’t get there.


Victoria set for a season’s worth of rain in a weekend.


Australia Post package hurled over a 2 meter high fence…..Merry Christmas…


A bush track in the Blue Mountains has given way leaving one person dead and two injured.


Hobart is apparently Australia’s second most expensive city to live in.


Same sex marriage bill passes the Senate.


Six kittens found tortured, killed and dumped in a Sydney Park.


Labor MP, Sam Dastyari accused of being a spy.


A popular Brisbane fitness blogger who said cancer could be good for you….said she made an error……wow you think?


A cop in the US has tried to taser an assailant but missed and got his partner.


The Bali Volcano is expected to have a massive eruption.


North Korea has fired their biggest range rocket to date….All of Australia and America is now in range.


Wall Street up 87 points.


Suspect detained after shots fired from high rise apartment building in Nevada.


Have a super Thursday.

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27th November 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


The ALP set to form a majority Government in Queensland.


Don Burke accused of being a sex predator and psychotic bully.


Bali Volcano erupts causing problems for Aussie holiday makers. See Pic.


Sydney train commuters set for chaos this morning as the timetable has been massively overhauled.


Women assaulted with hammer during violent Melbourne Robbery.


Cyclist fatally struck by car in Southern Sydney cemetery.


Mystery illness baffles vet as QLD family’s three horses die in 48 hours.


An 11 year old Autistic Perth boy has been hailed a hero for standing up to intruders who were bashing his elderly father.


A young lady has died after being struck by lightning in Melbourne.


Australian Navy Sub rescues ocean paddler off the coast of Perth who had drifted off course.


Top Aussie Jockey takes out Japan cup.


South Korea uses loud speakers to taunt North Korea over defecting solider who was shot but made it across the border.


At least two dead after explosion in Chinese port city.


Nightclub floor on a Spanish island collapses injuring 22 people.


The Egyptian village where the Mosque was attacked had been warned.


Have a super Monday.

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