19th August 2017 Morning News Wrap.


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Seven year old Aussie boy is missing after the Barcelona attacks. His mum was seriously injured.


An Aussie woman has been caught up in the terror attacks in London, Paris and now Barcelona. I wouldn’t want to travel with her.


Well another day another Aussie Politician who may not be an Aussie Politician….this time Nick Xenophon. Seriously are there any ‘just Aussie’ federal politicians? From now on I will be referred to the Australia Federal Parliament as the Australian Office of the United Nations.


No signs of the missing South Australian woman.


Coke is about to get dearer as NSW introduces a more generous ‘container deposit scheme’, where you get money if you drop bottles and cans into collection points….Coke says the cost to them will be passed onto consumers.


Bushfire near Caloundra has residents getting ready to evacuate.


Two hurt as panel breaks off Sydney CBD train station.


A young lady wearing a red hoodie on the way to visit her sick grandmother has been accosted by a lone wolf. No not a muslim terrorist silly. This happened multiple times as the woof tried to attack and eat her. Ultimately the woof actually dressed as the said grandmother….Apparently the woof was species fluid. Anyway a local hunter has come to the girl’s rescue and shot and killed the wolf….Outrage has of course been expressed similar to when Harame the Gorrila was shot to save they little boy who fell into his enclosure….There have been calls to ban guns, ban hunters, ban little girls walking in the woods, ban woods and ban all grandmas. Trump has tweeted….Wolf Bad. Red not Dead. Grandma ok. All Wolf immigration suspended.


Jetstar mixes up the luggage of two whole plane loads of people. Now that takes a certain level of skill…


Two people killed and six injured in a stabbing attack in a Finnish town. The police shot and killed the stabber….he is now finished. Well he was Finnish but now he is a finished Finnish. Sorry I have finished now….but not like this finished Finnish man.


The English TV star Sir Bruce Forsyth has died.


14 people have died and just over 100 injured in that Barcelona attack…..What is the world going to do about Islamic terrorism……well clearly bugger all.


Wait Wait Wait……Headline reads World Leaders React to Barcelona Terror Attacks…..Yeah I didn’t open up the story but let me tell you what they would have said….They would have mentioned our hearts and prayers are with Spain at this time even though they don’t believe in the God who they want everyone else to pray to….they will then remind everyone that Islam is a religion of peace….and then they will reassure us that they are doing everything they can to keep us safe…..oh except continue to capitulate the values of the west to the demands of Islam.


Wall Street down 75 points.


Apocalyptic cloud haunts Brazilian town. See Pic.


600 hundred migrants rescued off the coast of Spain.


600 firefighters battling a massive blaze at a Chinese oil refinery.


I am finished.