1st December 2016 Morning News Wrap.


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:-

Just one of those days….

13 year old boy trapped by a tree at West Brisbane after wild storms lash the Queensland South East.

Gold Coast women taken to hospital after the pole she was holding was struck by lightning.

Pauline Hanson cancels Melbourne trip over security fears….sad that this is Australia.

Protestors in Parliament House Canberra glued their hands to hand rails in the public gallery…how often do you think security guards think….ah leave them there….I wonder how much it costs to secure them, call ambulances and repair the damage to the hand rails…..and what were they protesting about….couldn’t be bothered finding out I was too busy smiling at the thought of the police storming the Public Gallery saying hands up. Anyway forget that…its just a sticky mess. Personally I would have said – hands up if you don’t want to be tasered.

Expensive Thyroid drug now $38. Which is about $30 more than a tube of super glue….which is unrelated to Thyroid issues.

QLD Bikie laws scrapped.

Asthma Thunderstorm last week in Melbourne was one of the world’s worst such storms.

Aussies massively overpaying for health insurance….I hear ya….Sometimes I feel sick seeing at what constitutes free speech these days….and Medibank Private sends me a non bulk billed invoice.

There is a warning against eating raw eggs….and yesterday there was a news report saying eating raw eggs gives you long life….one thing we know for sure….if we are talking about raw eggs we are confused about whether we should eat them or not. Personally I like raw eggs…..beside my bacon in a fry pan.

Speaking of eggs and the things that produce them….KFC profit up 7.8%.

Man and young child struck by car at a Melbourne Intersection.

Pumpkin Patch goes under. Used to be worth $790 million.

Mum discovers 8 year old son’s spotify playlist and she is not amused…..THIS IS NOT NEWS PEOPLE. Is there nothing families do in private anymore? Do we do Press Releases on everything including the bowel movements of our kids….Little Johnny did a poo this morning. It had excellent consistency and color and was the appropriate size for his age. You can follow Johnny’s poo on his Insta Account @pooview #brownanddown #stoolrescue #homeANDaway #PandC #toilethumor

Passengers on a flight Sydney to Singapore had to endure a tense 30 mins after sparks starting coming from one of the engines. The airline was Scoot.

Blind goat beats anxiety by wearing a onesie….and as you read this you are right to assume you are now living in a parallel universe to reality.

A spider got eaten by bees….cue viral video…..but yet we can all live without seeing that or even caring.

Harvest Mouse escapes hunting owl…wow and the compelling news for today continues.

Woman’s first karting experience doesn’t end well…..ok on this note I am almost ready to give up for the day on the news….

A British woman is selling her virginity for a million Euros to pay her parents mortgage.

Aussie teen breaks leg, shatters teeth in Bali nightclub fall. Thankfully apparently Bali nightclubs have lots of Panadol in crushed up form readily available…Just ask the security guards.

20,000 people flee Aleppo in 48 hours.

Trump announces he is leaving his property empire.

BBC News is reporting (literally posted an hour ago) that a seal was found in an Australian paddock….yeah ten days ago….

And on that note….let’s not “stick” around anymore.

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