5th December 2016: Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:-

According to news sources there is such as thing as Gustnado. No it is not a Malcolm Turnbull press conference, a Kanye Concert Rant, a Hilary Clinton defeat speech or a Paul Keating Christmas letter. It’s a weather pattern and it happened. But I watched Mad Maxine last night and there is a Gustnado in that movie that makes the big bang look like a smoke signal from a congregation of cardinals searching for a Pope.

A truck of sewage has been spilled in Toowoomba.

Two buses gutted by fire near Sydney Airport.

10 year old boy suffers heart attack while playing baseball in Perth….he died.

Under the Category: Climate Change (on the news.com.au website)…. Severe Thunderstorm warning issued…..Ok let’s ask the question……based on what is this thunderstorm impacted by apparent Climate Change? Are we being manipulated by weather alarmism? Think Gustnado!!!! In the old days this was called a dust storm, they happened, we survived and we worried about other things.

Aussie rugby team got beaten by the English and this week people got sick from the Scurvy……Flashback 200 years ago.

International Director of Global Care flies to PNG to discuss operational strategies for Global Care PNG. You wont read that on any other news site.

Cancer fighting fruit found in Queensland forest.

Melbourne Man fined $1000 for driving a motorised esky with a 0.041 alcohol limit….which is under the legal limit for a car…..#straya.

Daddy Cool base player dies….if you don’t know who Daddy Cool is, its ok. You can look at your digital device and Google something about it and learn about the ways of a by gone era…..when music was played on real instruments and auto tune was a thing of nightmares and people cursed at the thought of a pop star called Justin.

A 5.5 magnitude quake has shaken parts of New Zealand.

For the record. Never describe NZ as East Eastern Australia or one of the Island Nations of the South Pacific.

A huge fire at an illegal San Fran nightclub has killed at least 9 people with suggestions the death toll could be as high as 50.

Thousands line the streets of Cuba to farewell Castro….I wonder if this is the same sentiment that is seen when the North Korean leader walks into a school and people weep at his sight. I weep at the sight of the people weeping…for the record.

A French toddler has woken up, 10 days after doctors wanted to turn off life support.

That will do for today. Have a super Monday.

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