12th December 2016 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:-

Another scorcher for a lot of the Eastern Seaboard of OZ this week.

A Gold Coast stabbing victim has lashed out at Paramedics whilst on a stretcher, pulling out his IV lines and throwing punches.

Driver on the Central Coast is still being hunted in bushland after pulling a gun on police as he was fleeing and RBT. Man he must have really bad breath.

PM expected to sign off on Sydney’s second Airport…..Ha ha sure. I am 47 and I remember debate raging about Badgery’s Creek or Wilton when I was like 10.

A man driving north of Gympie has run over a pole on the road which then speared through his car and impaled him. Took Ambos 90 minutes to free him.

A one year old baby has drowned in a pool in Campbelltown.

Five great white sharks have been caught off the coast of Northern NSW.

Qantas has announced it is flying non stop to the UK.

Drunken brawl erupts at Melbourne Train Station.

Bill English becomes NZ PM today.

Explosion in an Egyptian Coptic Church has killed 25 people.

An unfinished construction on a church in Nigeria has collapsed killing over 200 people. It was jammed packed for a Bishop’s Ordination.

Ever wondered about this…There are dedicated weather channels that are all weather. There are dedicated sport channels that are all sport. There are dedicated finance channels that are all finance. But the dedicated news channel has 11 minutes of news per half hour and then finance, sport and weather. I just want a solid half an hour of news stories. End Monday’s Rant.

ISIS advances again on Palmyra.

Wall Street up 142 points.

The largest hotel in the world with 3000 rooms has opened in North Korea….yeah because Tourism to North Korea is expected to peak at like 87 visitors in 2017. See Pic.

Surprisingly Trump rejects accusations that Russia voted for him in the Election.

Fireball engulfs traffic on a Kenyan highway.

That will do for today. Have a super Monday. 13 days till Christmas.

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