13th December 2016 – Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:-

Policeman’s son weeps as the man who murdered his father has his sentenced slashed by 11 years…..and yet again we see the joke of a judicial system that constantly let’s down our police and the victims of crime – which in this case was one and the same. Hey PM Turnbull, want to do something worthwhile, fix for what passes as a farcical Justice System in Australia.

Headline reads What we cared about in 2016: I didn’t read it cause I already know….We cared about a Roo that got punched, we cared a lot about something that Mitchell Pierce did, we cared about Trump and we cared about Kim Kardashian getting robbed….oh and we really cared about who won the block, the voice, the survivor, the election, and I’m a celebrity get me out of here – which ironically is what Clive Palmer did at the election. I opened the article no mention of Aleppo, well you know where this is going….

Gold Coast man bashes baby……let’s wait for the world wide outrage….oh but the baby is not a roo so um the silence will be deafening.

Lots of Social Media interest and commentary of Sunrise host Sam Armytage’s granny undies cause she wore a dress that gave her a VPL. Make it stop people.

There is no theme for the million dollar Sydney NYE fireworks. We need a theme that has captured the passion and heart of all Australian. Something that sums up 2016 for everyone: I am thinking a Skippy theme.

Dreamworld has reopened but it’s eerily quiet.

Man bashes and radically abuses Maori teen on a Perth Bus.

Woman hit with a cash register during a robbery at a Perth Store. Please no one make any inappropriate comments about cold hard cash.

Christmas shoplifting blitz nabs 120 thieves across NSW.

A British tourist has been caught filming girls changing in a Sunshine Coast Shopping Centre.

36 degrees in Sydney today.

French police arrest 11 in connection to Nice Massacre.

Parole Officers in Bali don’t know where Corby is.

A Santa Claus in the US was visiting a terminally ill boy in hospital and as he hugged the boy, the boy passed away in his arms.

Chinese bomber buzzes disputed sea.

A former Pastor in Portland USA has shot and killed his teen daughter and then himself.

UK Police slammed for describing a woman as ‘chubby’. If this was in Australia, then the police would have been slammed for describing this person as a ‘woman’.

And on that gender neutral note, remember nothing communicates Merry Christmas to the Staff of the Morning News Wrap like a JB Hi Fi Gift Card.

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