14th December 2016 – Morning News Wrap.


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Sweltering night last night in Sydney was the hottest in living memory….Dam you Al Gore….see what you have done.

Teacher feared drowned on a School Excursion in the Northern Territory.

Search continues for a boat with a family in it off the coast of South Australia.

Melbourne Arsonist lit a fire and then went home and called Triple O.

Royal Flying Doctor Plane skids on a Melbourne runway after its landing gear failed.

Ten people injured when a Perth Bus fell off the road. It was struggling to bus.

Headline reads : Tricks to cool down during a Heatwave….ha ha yeah, move to the Gold Coast.

Super Moon to make final appearance for 2016…..Have you noticed we have seen the Super Moon more than Malcolm Turnbull of late. Oh Oh….here is a thought….have you ever seen Super Moon and Super Malcolm at the same time because I haven’t….are they one and the same???? Let’s ask Lois or MJ.

PM’s approval falls further…Moon now more popular….Ha Ha. PM is now as popular as a Pepsi Max in a Coke Store. See what other “Our PM is now as popular as”…..you can come up with.

Two people killed in a car crash at the famous Wave Rock in WA. Pic.

Victorian Farmer wrestles with savage goanna…#straya. Who remembers this….So I said to the wife…Do you want to go Anna?

Watch and Act now in place for Hunter Valley fire

Wall Street up 127 points and finishes just shy of 20,000.

Isle of Wright dad has killed his 6 year old daughter, their two pet dogs and then himself after sending a chilling warning text to his estranged wife.

Bali cop’s wife won’t accept a cent from Sarah Conner.

A woman in the US has had to be literally dragged off a plane after she skipping check in..

New Report indicates accelerated Ice Melt in Antarctica. Again Al? Really?

Russia declares Aleppo offensive is finished.

Prague’s Jewish Cemetery to be digitized.

Have a great Wednesday.

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