15th December 2016 – Morning News Wrap.



M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

2nd Anniversary of the Lindt Café Siege today.

The Fed Reserve has increased interest rates in the US which is only the second time in a decade. Wall Street is down 128 points.

Teen who bashed a 93 year old in his lounge room claims he would never hurt anyone. Seems legit.

Aussie dad sues insurer over son’s death as he was pressured to return home to Oz from Thailand after a machete attack.

Man feared drowned after trying to swim across a Brisbane lake.

Disqualified driver charged for Harbor Bridge truck rollover that caused traffic chaos yesterday in Sydney.

NSW oldest teacher retires after teaching for 65 years.

NSW man jailed over the brutal bashing of a bus driver.

Biggest cruise ship in the world has docked in Sydney. Ovation of the Seas. It has 18 decks, its 348 metres long, weighs 170,000 tones and has 4 engines that are 4500 horse power each. See Pic.

Man yanks woman to the floor by her hair after he rejected her advances in a Canberra night club.

Killer cabbie jailed for leaving elderly woman to die in a hit and run in Sydney.

A NZ woman was shocked when her grandson came home hold a baby she had seen on FB as missing.

Woman awarded $90,000 after slipping on a grape at Penrith Coles.

Search scaled back for a family lost in a boat off the coast of South Australia.

HSC students find out the results of their exams today.

Aleppo ceasefire is over.

Trump is running into trouble as he keeps skipping Security Briefings.

South Sudan on the brink of Rwandan style genocide according to the UN. Gang rapes take place within the sight of peacekeepers……Well let’s state the obvious.. the peacekeepers clearly aren’t keeping the peace.

Alan Thicke from the sitcom Growing Pains has died.

Over 5000 people have been killed in the Philippines’ war on drugs.

Apple creates 70 new emojis. Hope one of them is a roo punching emoji.

Have a great day.

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