23rd December 2016 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

It’s Christmas Eve Eve.

WA police are close to a major breakthrough in a number of cold case murder investigations.

Victorian Police have conducted early morning raids on a number of properties across Melbourne but have refused to say why….so here are my suggestions….The Naughty and Nice list has just been released by S Clause and the police were shocked at who had been naughty and just how bad they had been…..or they had heard that a guy in a red suit was conducting reverse robberies.

Aussie Sara Conner changes her story over cop killing in Bali.

Nimbin men charged with bestiality and torture of animals. Ok let me harp on about the roo thing……you watch there by zero outrage about this story…..but look at how Australians raged about the Roo Punch guy……people’s rage these days like lemmings….if somebody else rages then Aussie’s follow….Imagine if we started to think for ourselves instead of using #viralvideo as our brain.

NRL Star Chad Robinson’s body has been found at the bottom of a Sydney gorge a month after he went missing. He committed suicide. Yeah I said it. There is social convention that you never mention the S word when someone kills themselves but at the end of the article you make some mention of Lifeline. This is a dumb convention that ultimately means suicide is kept in the dark like some unmentionable thing. Let’s bring it out into the open. It’s a huge problem in our nation so lets stop cloaking it in secrecy. So there.

Rival gangs come to blows in Sydney’s CBD….well they just made the naughty list.

Aussie pierced by Stingray barb in Victoria.

Cooper Cronk….what a funny name.

Turnbull’s Coalition is increasingly looking under threat….If Corey Bernardi leaves in the new year we will be heading back to the polls.

A woman has died in the toilet of the RPA.

A Sydney bus has caught fire.

Threat to Bunnings as Chinese giant looks to enter the market….The Chinese are Masters at hardware….see what I did there.

Wall Street down 36 points.

Ivanka Trump accosted on a plane.

Still no arrests related to Berlin attack.

The Syrian Army has announced it has retaken Aleppo.

Kenyan police have rescued a toddler from a dam. He had been thrown in and abandoned by his mother.

Japanese fire burns 140 buildings.

A Pagan priest has won the right in the US to wear his devil’s horns on his official ID Photos.

Facebook misled the market during the WhatsApp takeover…What????? Facebook Company released fake news. Well aren’t they big fat hypocrites?

Have a great day.

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