28th December 2016 Morning News Wrap.


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Perpetual Loyal has won the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race smashing the previous race record by 5 hours.

Carrie Fisher who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars Franchise has died. She was 60.

The 9 year old boy hit by a drunk driver on Christmas night in Brisbane has died.

A 14 year old boy is missing after going for a night swim at Maroubra Beach.

Seven people have drowned across NSW in 2 days.

14 people have died on the Nation’s Road so far this Christmas season.

Coogee Beach trashed by a Christmas impromptu rave.

Massive winds hit Adelaide.

Five adults and a baby are missing in a region of flooded WA.

Violent home invasion in Sydney’s West….reports suggest the victim was known to the robbers.

Woman rescues dog from Croc in the NT.

Captain Niloofar Rahmani was Afghanistan’s first female pilot but now she is seeking Asylum in the US due to death threats against her.

America’s largest Vinyl record manufacturer is double its production capacity in 2017.

Indian passenger plane skids off runway.

A toddler has starved to death in the US after her parents both died of drug overdoses.

Headline reads Dyslexic spy who nearly took down the US…..Headline should have read. Dyslexic spy who nearly took down the SU.

There are some words that are predicted to be extinct soon. Bonza, Fortnight, Cassette, Floppy Disk, CD, Sick, Groovy, Twice and Noon….I would suggest some concepts will soon become extinct. Christians allowed to have an opinion, and Jesus being the one and only way to eternal life: to name a couple.

Japanese PM visits Pearl Harbor.

Fatal Bath Oil drinking in Russia has now killed 77 people.

And to the relief of people across the world, Britney Spears is not dead contrary to what Sony Music tweeted. Sony’s Twitter account was hacked.

And on that note…..Have a great Wednesday.

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