30th December 2016 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Man arrested at Sydney Airport for online NYE threats.

Melbourne CBD has 12 mls of rain in ten mins….Flooding happens. An idiot P Plater has driven through flooded waters and got stuck…..clearly the guy that was actually fishing the flooded waters should have been warning enough. See Pic. As I tell my family….never ever drive through flooded water.

The second twin of the two twins that fell into a pool in Sydney has died.

A 21 year old Queensland man has died after falling out of a golf buggy on Hope Island. Bet they were playing Jackass style silly buggers.

For the first time in US History, the number of households that don’t own a car has increased.

Trio in the US killed a man and posted murder on Snapchat.

Syrian Ceasefire announced by Russia…wait up….don’t they announce one of these on a weekly basis.

Carrie Fishers’ mother, Debbie Reynolds has died as she planned Carrie’s funeral.

US expels 35 diplomats and issues sanctions against 7 different Russian entities for its involvement in the US Election.

John Kerry in the last few days of him being Secretary General has explained to Israel why they suck……Gee the Obama Administration is going out with all guns blazing…..can’t end soon enough in my book.

Franklin Graham. Billy Graham’s son, will be participating in the Inauguration of President Elect Trump.

Serena Williams engaged.

Headline reads 2016:- The year the music died…..about Bowie, Prince and Michael’s death…..really?

Wall Street down 14 points.

An Argentinian woman has discovered she was adopted whilst using Facebook.

Kim Jong-un has executed 340 people since coming to power. Thankfully the UN and Amnesty International are all over this….right?……aren’t they…..hello……anyone….

That will do for today. Have a great second last day of the year.

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