31st December 2016 Morning News Wrap.

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:
Today is the last day of the year. As such it is Melanie Pilt’s 43rd Birthday. Pic.
Click the link for my blog on the top 44 News Stories of 2016. I even included some good news stories just for all the people who constantly ask me for good news stories. Click Here
Stampede leaves 60 injured at Victoria’s Fall Festival at Lorne.
The father who lost his 9 year old son due to a drunk driver, has embraced and forgiven the young driver at the 9 year old’s memorial service.
More drownings in NSW. To date 14 people have drowned in that state since Christmas day….This is double the state’s road toll for the same period. The latest drowning happened at Mermaid Pools at Tahmoor where I used to swim as a kid.
Australia breaks from supporting the US and NZ in their anti Israel UN resolution.
Headline reads Some of tonight’s Sydney fireworks have never been seen before. I would suggest all the fireworks that are scheduled tonight have never been seen as once they are seen they are used and can’t be seen again.
Sydney man gets bashed in a road rage incident.
Aussie twins want to marry their shared boyfriend.
Putin does not do a tit for tat retaliation as expected after Obama expelled 35 Russian Diplomats. Putin says “We will not create problems”. Clearly not referencing Syria.
Speaking of the US Election…I watched a vid yesterday of Obama, before the election saying there is no way that the election process could be interfered with and that Trump should stop whining…..three months later Obama expels Russian Diplomats because the election process was interfered with. Obama is clearly confused.
Well surprise surprise….the Syrian ceasefire is under threat.
Wall Street down 82.
Cause of George Michael’s death still unknown.
Volkswagen’s official language changed to English….apparently blood sucking liars is more palatable in English than in German.
Amazon has patented a hovering airship warehouse.
A 9 year old boy has had to have his penis amputated after a botched surgery.
A stepfather in the US has stabbed his step daughter to death because she asked for a snack. What an animal.
The world’s oldest panda has died at 31.
Happy New Year to my regular MNW readers. I greatly enjoy our interaction. Stay safe tonight and May God greatly bless and favor your 2017.
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