Sunday 8th January Morning News Wrap



M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Welcome to the Sunday Edition.

Riot at Parkville Youth facility in Melbourne.

Sydney Father and Son charged with faking a kidnapping.

Woman attacks people with an Axe at a Service Station in a Sydney’s inner west. Headline reads Beautiful Blonde Woman….So why is hair color and looks reported…..She is a woman and she attacked people.

Importer charged with trying to import diseased prawns into Darwin.

Cancer Council Australia won’t recall Peppa Pig sunscreen after burns claims. See Pic of a baby who was wearing the Pig Sunscreen.

Match fixing surfaces ahead of Australian Open.

Donald Trump says only fools and stupid people wouldn’t want a relationship with Russia. Oh Oh…..I have a James Bond Movie Title that is summing up President Trumps first term in office. From Russia with Love. That’s Gold baby.

More than 40 people killed after a fuel truck exploded in the Syrian/Turkey border town of Azaz.

The Fort Lauderdale shooter was an ex combat soldier with a mental illness who had been radicalised by ISIS. FBI new he had a mental illness but did nothing to take his gun off him. Good Job FBI.

Honda release self balancing motorcycle…..Doesn’t sound much fund to ride.

A major news source in Germany has been slammed by Police and authorities after falsely reporting that a 1000 strong mob had set fire to Germany’s oldest church on New Year’s Eve.

Police officers filmed posing for selfie in front of burning home in the US.

Brazil’s most powerful drug gang kill 31 in revenge massacre.

Taiwan’s president heads to the US but won’t meet with Trump.

Homicides in Chicago are skyrocketing. 762 in 2016 which is more than New York and LA combined.

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