9th January 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

What if the new stories got mixed up today:

A truck filled with Duck Hunters from Perth who hope to catch a hammer head shark have driven to Queensland while being chased by Saudi Cops who were originally holidaying in Perth after a work stint in Bali. The driver, an Israeli Soldier who is good friends with Donald Trump had recently fallen off a horse which had been tampered with by his partner: who hadn’t been seen in public for 5 weeks. The driver is reimbursing all travel costs.

Now the actual stories:

Federal Health Minister to repay the travel costs to QLD when she flew up to buy a unit…whoops, I meant to say when she flew up for official business.

Heatwave in NSW at the moment. Lock up your ice creams.

Teen girl sexually assaulted at Noosa Beach. Hope the cops get him.

Man killed in suspected domestic attack in Melbourne. He was run down by his partner who has now been charged with murder.

Out of control bushfire threatens homes around Perth. Sounds like a big bully.

Distressed light aircraft lands safely at Melbourne Airport. It probably just needed a big hug.

Swimmer missing in the WA Kimberlys

Woman charged over fatal hit and run in Victoria.

Man stabbed in Sydney’s CBD.

Massive Hammerhead shark caught in the Brisbane River. See Pic.

Monster Storm turns US Highway into wrecking yard.

Accused Florida gunman to face the death penalty.

Saudi cops gun down suspected ISIS terrorist in street shootout.

Aussie man dies in Bali. Girlfriend found him at the bottom of a pool.

Truck rams into Israeli soliders in Jerusalem. Four killed and 15 wounded. The driver was shot dead. Three of the dead were women and in their 20’s.

Trump now says Russia did hack the Presidential election.

Queen makes her first public appearance in 5 weeks.

3 Texas men missing after going duck shooting have been found dead. Apparently they drowned.

Zara Phillips falls from her horse during a poo match.

4 people have died and 28 injured after a tourist bus crash in France

Fact for the Day: After arms and drugs, the third most smuggled commodity is animals.

Have a great Monday and if you like me are back to work today…then welcome back.

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