10th January 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Michael Chamberlain has died at the age of 72. He was the father of Azaria Chamberlain. He died due to complications due to Leukaemia.

Rolf Harris faces trial for the indecent assault of women and girls.

Australia didn’t do too well at the Golden Globes.

Queensland mum admits to killing her 2 day old son, 20 years ago.

Headline reads ‘Sydney to Hobart skipper slapped with an AVO’. Personally I think it’s a poor choice of words.

A man who had been married for 55 years, snapped when his wife laughed at him and fatally stabbed.

The first iPhone was unveiled 10 years ago today.

AFP seizes 300kgs of Pseudo-ephedrine.

Man drowns at Central Coast beach.

Dominos are putting their pizza’s up on a Sunday……Three letters you need to know K F and C.

Australia and East Timor to tear up Mining treaty.

Woman shot with a gunshot whilst looking over her fence in Melbourne.

US sends tanks to the Russian Front.

US Destroyer fires warning shots at Iranian Warship.

Where’s Wally fugitive taunts European Police.

More than 1 billion people globally are living with high blood pressure. These people really need to read more of the Stay Calm Memes. That should help. See Pic.

French Police arrest 16 in connection to the robbery of Kim Kardashian.

Snake on a plane grounds flight from Muscat to Dubai.

A rich Brazilian bet $135,000 on Red 32 on the Roulette wheel and he won. It paid him $4.75 million.

Dozens killed in second deadly prison riot in Brazil.

Fact for the Day: Fat Penguins fall over more often than thin Penguins.

Have a super Tuesday. Remember you have the power within you to make the world a better place. Its called The Power of Kind.

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