11th January 2017 Morning News Wrap.


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

A spectacular cloud formation captured during a flight over the Great Australian Bight has delighted weather enthusiasts and enraged conspiracy theorists. See Pic. (They are probably blaming Trump

James Hird’s dad says his son has been treated like Azaria Chamberlain’s parents….which I have to say is a bit of a stretch.

8 year old boy drowns in Lake Hume on the NSW/Vic Border.

Bourke to hit 45 today.

A truck driver who stopped on the M1 Motorway at Brisbane got out of his truck and was hit and killed by another truck. The accident closed the M1 in both ways for three hours.

Lara Worthington struggles to free pram from snow….cue outrage and viral haters saying she is a bad mother….trolls are so predictable.

Ha ha. The very next story on the news site I was reading was ‘women are divided over this unsafe breastfeeding mum’. Dear Divided women…It’s none of your stinking business. Let the mother breastfeed her kid whilst going down a slippery slide for all I care. Social Media gives people the illusion that the world should hear their opinion….And yes I get the irony that I am giving you my opinion on opinion. Anyway just my opinion.

Victorian Woman finds live frog in Coles bag of lettuce. Coles says to woman Shhh otherwise everyone will want one.

Nick Kyrgios wears a ‘F… Donald Trump’ T-shirt to his post match press conference…..Seriously I do not like Kyrgios at all. And not because I am pro Trump just because Kyrgios is just a poor rep for Australia…..and that is my opinion. Next headline was Federer says Kyrgios could be a future hall of famer……Oh has made my Hall of Fame for biggest dipstick in Australian Sport and that’s a huge comment when you consider we have Anthony Mundine.

English backpacker killed as plane crashes on a Queensland beach. The woman in her 20 was in the plane.

Six people have died as Poland temps hit -20.

Stephen Hawking turn 75.

Wall Street down 13 points.

The iconic Sequoia tree in the US that was hollowed out at the base so cars could drive through it, has been felled by a storm.

Young Russians face total ban on smoking.

A teacher in the UK kept a 2.1m snake in his office. I bet he was from Slytherin House.

Fact for the day: In a 2008 survey, 58% of British teens thought Sherlock Holmes was a real guy, while 20% thought Winston Churchill was not.

Have a super Wednesday. Its the second one of the year and only 49 more of them till Christmas.

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