22nd January 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Well the big news today is the announcement that Redheads are finally getting their own range of emojis. See Pic.

The three month old baby injured in the Melbourne Mall attack has died taking the death toll to 5.

The mother of the man who committed the attacks says that it makes her sick to the stomach….I have to say during the interviewed she fully looked like she was on drugs or certainly on something.

Top Cop laments decision to grant Melbourne attacker bail. The whole bail system certainly needs an over haul.

Melbourne swimmer warned of unsafe bacteria level in the water of certain beaches.

Gold Coast police shoot a man.

Brisbane man grabs Ibis by the throat and kills it….Probably was confused and thought it was Isis. Maybe he was dyslexic.

Man accused of performing indecent act in front of sunbaking woman denied bail…..Ah yes but if you are a violent repeat offender with a significant history of brutal violence then you will be allowed out on bail to murder people in Bourke Street just 5 short days later. Wake up judicial system.

Outraged passengers rally around a young girl who was kicked off a bus in Adelaide late at night because she had a bike. Even though passengers protested the transit guards still kicked her off. It was just after midnight and the bus was replacing a train service. You are allowed to take bikes on a train. What the hell is wrong with people like the transit guards? Don’t they have a brain? Anyway one of the passengers paid for her to take a cab home.

A young protester in America at anti Trump rallies (who looked about 10) yells ‘screw our President’ and then lights one of the street fires that destroyed property…..And this boys and girls is how you create homegrown terrorists.

Large march of women in Washington protesting Trump.

Obama leaves a secret note for Trump…..The Morning News Wrap has got secret access to the secret note and can reveal exclusively what it says….Dear Don, I hope you are a better President than I was. Love Barak.

A bus carrying Hungarian students has crashed in Italy killing at least 16 people and injuring over 40 people.

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