24th January 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

A Hip Hop dancer has been shot and killed during a video clip shoot for the Brisbane band Bliss N Eso. They were using a double barrel shot gun in the gangster clip. The question is why was there a cartridge in the gun?

Bourke Street Mall attacker has been charged with 5 counts of murder.

David Warner wins back to back Allan Border Medal.

Dreamworld to open one of the World’s largest Lego Stores.

Sydney to swelter today.

Sydney housing is the 2nd most expensive in the world.

Toxic blaze spews smoke over Melbourne. See pic.

Newt Gingrich has called for the arrest of Madonna after she called for the White House to be blown up. And rightly so I think. Poor form Madonna.

At least 6 hurt as explosion rips through an apartment block in London.

The star of the TV show Allo Allo has died. RIP Rene.

A woman was gang raped which was live streamed on Facebook. Only one woman in Facebook world actually called the Swedish police.

Wall Street down 12 points.

Trump officially kills the Trans Pacific Pact. This is bad for Australia.

Trump has also signed an executive order to ban federal money going to international groups which perform or provide information on abortions.

China birth rates up after one child change.

Dogs rescued from Italy avalanche hotel.

Fact of the Day:- We consume about 74 gigabytes — nine DVDs worth — of data every day.

Have a super day.

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