25th January 2017 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

A Wollongong man has been mauled by two dogs and been set alight during an assault. A woman who came to the man’s aid was also burned.

It’s come to light that Vic Police had been told a month ago to back off from doing police pursuits.

Another one of the funerals for the victims of the Bourke Street attacks is happening today after the 3 month old baby was laid to rest yesterday.

Police inquiry after the death of a 5 year old Sydney girl over a Methadone overdose.

Mystery passenger saves man dying of a tomato allergy on Aussie flight.

Fears for baby girl missing with her dad from Port Macquarie.

Arsonist arrested as fires still threaten homes in the Hunter Valley.

Woman welcomes a 6.06kg baby. About twice the normal newborn weight.

There is a call for all Sydney Homes to be banned from listing on Air BnB as it pushes up rents.

PM Bernie has invited China into the Trans Pacific Pact now that America is out.

Six believed dead as Chopper goes down in Italian Alps, pretty close to the site of the avalanche that killed 15 people last week.

A man in the US has stuffed a guitar down his pants and has successfully walked out of the shop. Apparently he was wearing a G String.

World’s deepest fresh water lake completely frozen over. See Pic.

Furious chef dusts customer with Chilli powder after meal complaint.

President Trump signs a women’s health bill surrounded by men. Bad look.

Brexit will need Parliamentary approval before becoming a reality.

Wall Street up 139 points.

Suicide Bombers are using suicide bombers to avoid detection.

Some Aussies nominated for Oscars.

Fact of the Day: A bolt of lightning is six times hotter than the sun.

Have a super day.

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3 Responses to 25th January 2017 Morning News Wrap

  1. Adrian Gallagher says:

    “President Trump signs a women’s health bill surrounded by men. Bad look.”

    Actually Peter it wasn’t a “woman’s health bill”, it was a bill to reduce the number of children callously murdered in their mother’s womb.

    What looks bad is that we don’t have women supporting it, rather they argue that they have a “right” to murder their unborn kids.


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