Australia Day Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. G’day Cobber. Here is the News and its better than coming from your local rag.
Happy Australia Day People. We live in the greatest nation on earth….and for those of you who don’t live in Oz, all I can say is it’s just not cricket.
Today’s news has a tinge of Aussie slang about it.
A top bloke named Alan MacKay-Sim, who is a banana bender has been named 2017 Aussie of the Year. He has had some ground breaking advances in treating spinal cord’s that are cactus. He is a bonzer guy.
Mini bus crashes south of the Black Stump after it hit a truck. One person killed and others injured. (Albion Park)
A Family terrorized by a some guys with a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock whilst trying to steal car in frantic jail break.
Girls 11 and 12 assaulted in a Perth park by a man with a small dog.
Massive Goanna and snake brawl on a bush track near Noosa, halting hikers….STRAYA!!!!
Man films 10 year old son surfing over 2.5m shark off a Hunter Valley Beach….STRAYA!!!!
School boy hospitalized after being bitten by a box jelly fish…..little bit of Dettol and she’ll be right mate. ….STRAYA!!!!
Ankle biter caught up in an Adelaide home invasion.
Speaking of Ankle Biters, one was trapped in a portable dunny today for more than an hour in the big smoke. (Sydney).
Cops find $26 million under a mattress in a US home. And here the owner was thinking he didn’t have a brass razoo but now has some serious big bikkies.
The big cheese in America is pushing ahead with his plans to wall in the Mexicans.
Speaking of Mexicans….G’day to me Victorian readers.
Speaking of Victorians, the thin blue line down there is defending its no pursuit policy.
War of words happening over Bricks and Mortar prices in Old Sydney Town.
Kim Jong Un pressing ahead with plans to missile wallop the US. He has said though he is open to having a bit of a chinwag with the Trump. Crikey!
Trump considers India a true mate.
Icy roads in Serbia cause massive pile ups….the roads were slipperier than an icy pole melting in the sun on a crowded Bondi beach.
Anyway I should end it there so you don’t think I am giving you an ear bashing.
Re Fact for the Day: I have put together a blog on 36 Unusual Facts About Australia. Check out the link. Click here to read the blog
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2 Responses to Australia Day Morning News Wrap

  1. Dion Kingi says:

    Fair Dinkum good wrap mate. Cheers


  2. Adrian Gallagher says:

    Does the big cheese in America want to wall IN the Mexicans or wall OUT the Mexicans? Big diff!


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