28th January 2017 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

A Tasmanian man missing for three weeks has been found dead in a Sydney shopping centre. Apparently his body had been there undiscovered for weeks. No idea how that can happen.

Dad and son killer shoot at cops in Queensland chase after being on the run for 8 years.

Melbourne DJ serving life in Thailand has been moved to one of the world’s most notorious prisons: the ‘Bangkok Hilton.’

Queensland man jailed for nine years after torturing a one month old baby to death.

Nadal collapses after five hour epic battle to get into the final of the Oz Open with Federer.

Cyclone about to hit the Pilbara region.

NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner retires from politics.

Former Billabong boss jailed for 8 years for fraud related to his

A critically ill woman is stranded in Thailand after her travel insurance refuses to pay her $52,000 medical bill.

Sydney man gored by a deer near his home. Apparently when Santa visited his house last month, he left nothing out for the reindeers.

Teenager dies in a fall from a Sydney high rise balcony.

Dreamworld riders get stuck on Giant Drop.

Adelaide Zoo’s Orangutan Karta, has died during giving birth.

Trump does more furious tweets about the Mexican wall. Some many references to Pink Floyd here but I will leave it alone.

A North Carolina woman who became paralyzed from the chest down when she was pushed into a pool on her hens night: has, after years of rehab, become a mother and has stood for the first time holding her baby.

UK Pizza Hut staff caught having sex in the store by a customer who wandered into the kitchen looking for someone to serve him.

Trump meets with UK PM. Both express their commitment to NATO.

Trump accepts Queen’s invitation for state visit.

A groom in the UK has been charged with four counts of rape that happened on his wedding night to a complete stranger whilst his bride slept.

Worst fires in Chile’s history happening right now. 1000’s of homes destroyed.

Wall Street down 9 points.

Fact of the Day: Canada only gained independence from Britain in 1932.

Have a great Saturday. Check out the link for the story of how the Morning News Wrap Started. Click here

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1 Response to 28th January 2017 Morning News Wrap

  1. David Whitehouse says:

    The irony of the justice system.
    9 years for torture and murder of an infant.
    8 years for fraud?????


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