6th February 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Bushfires northwest of Melbourne have been bought under control.

Australian Naval Officer under investigation for an Anti Australia rant on Australia Day….Among other things she apparently said was ‘I spit on and burn the national flag’.

Trump’s Press secretary calls PM Bernie ‘Trumble’ two days in a row.

A former Neighbors Actor has impersonated a friend of a Bourke Street Mall victim who was in hospital. He apparently wanted to tell the victim that she was a fraud and was only pretending to be injured.

Sydney teen boy glassed during a brawl in a park on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Vigil to be held tonight for Domestic Violence murder victim Teresa Bradford. Police expect 100 people to attend. I suggest it will be 1000.

Majority of Queenslanders want smoking phased out.

New Domestic Violence Booklet released in Australia…obviously aimed at the victim – but never once does it speak to the perpetrator and say Stop it.

Kylie Minogue and fiancé split.

TigerAir quits Bali for good. Which I personally think all Australians should until they stop the corruption over there where drugs etc are planted on tourists as a way of forcing bribes out of scared Aussies. I would never go back.

Drunk Driver charged over an accident on Philip Island which killed a toddler.

Super Bowl Sunday is today.

Michael Buble’s son is progressing well with his cancer treatment.

A 14 year old girl has been killed when she was thrown from an Amusement ride in China.

Let’s end today’s Morning News Wrap with a bit of a rant. Mariah Carey’s new music video shows her burning her $50,000 wedding dress she had for her marriage to James Packer….This kind of thing just make me sad. Had the dress been sold, imagine the difference that money could make to families struggling financially. Or give the dress to a young engaged woman who can’t afford one and tell her to give it away once she has used it.

Fact of the Day: McDonalds calls frequent users of their food ‘Heavy Users’.

Have a great Sunday.


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1 Response to 6th February 2017 Morning News Wrap

  1. Kylie says:

    At Bomo maccas they call them “renters”

    I agree about the the wedding dress. Ridiculous how some ppl throw away their $$$ for show


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