24th February 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Man pleads guilty for raping and murdering a SA Nurse and stealing her ambulance last year.

The head of Australia Post has quit but he promises it’s not due to the furor surrounding his high wage. He will step down at the end of June…so he will earn $1.8 mil between now and then. At the Press Conference he took a swipe at Pauline Hanson for being upset about his wage…claiming that running Australia Post is not like running a Fish and Chip Shop. At least we know now why he was paid so much with insights like that.

A Queensland mother says she fears she will die at the hands of her abusive former partner after he dodged jail for stalking her…..And the Judicial System strikes again.

Protests break out across the country after Sunday penalties slashed. Still formulating what I think about this? What do you think? The ALP have used a man who is a ‘victim’ of the rates cut at a Press Conference, who turned out to be a person is not impacted at all.

A teenage boy has fallen 15 metres into a water hole at Helensburgh, hitting his head on a submerged rock and dying.

Baden-Clay won’t get a cent of his murdered wife’s $1million estate.

Huge security team in a spin as Aussie kids mob Israeli PM.

So that Pug Dog that was apparently stolen in Sydney, was killed by the owner that made a false robbery claim. I assume the people who were upset with me because when I reported the story I made it rhyme with Pug, will express appropriate outrage over the Pug being killed by the owner.

BBC journalist faces jail five years jail for reporting in Thailand.

Iraqi forces attack Mosul airport to retake city from IS.

Life apparently may be found on newly discovered planets.

China reports more severe strains of bird flu found.

Wall Street up 30 points.

Massive Arctic storm lashes Britain.

Fact of the Day: Queen Victoria used a tincture of marijuana to relieve period pains.

Have a great Friday.

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1 Response to 24th February 2017 Morning News Wrap

  1. Bernie S says:

    Penalty rates should be reviewed across the board not just retail &catering. Business needs flexibility to survive. And what do international tourist think when strolling around looking for a feed, seeing closed cafes on sundays ?


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