3rd March 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

A mother has been arrested after her 9 year old son was savaged by a dog at Moama and at the same time another son 5 year old boy is missing in the Murray River.

A Sydney man has yelled ‘Get out of my country’ before punching a Chinese woman in the face. Racist Monster.

Man charged after a Factory fire in Melbourne where 3 squatters were burned to death.

A dangerous man has escaped from Wollongong police whilst in handcuffs.

A woman has been filmed putting her own hair into a meal at a Brisbane Restaurant and then complaining.

A teenager has pleaded guilty to bashing a blind elderly man as he waited for a bus on the Central Coast.

Sharks lose the first NRL game of the season. Broncos won.

New diet aimed at helping women fall pregnant. I think you can eat anything as long as you have sex after…..that will help you get pregnant….Thanks Doctor Pete.

Police uncover hidden drug bunker in Perth backyard.

The brother of the Bourke Street Mall attacker has been jailed for an ice fueled assault on his mother. What a stella family. (insert sarcastic tone).

A 60 year old man has drowned on Bondi Beach.

The iconic Waldorf Astoria is closing down.

Wall Street is down 92 points.

The Price Waterhouse Cooper’s accountant that should have been looking after the Oscar’s envelop (that was then accidentally swapped) was out the back taking selfie’s with the stars. Seems legit.

Sweden brings back military conscription.

Eight Iraqis jailed for Vienna gang rape.

Roof collapses at South Africa Hospital.

Nicaraguan woman burnt in Exorcism.

Snapchat Floats. $32 billion.

Fact of the day: About 8,000 Americans are injured by musical instruments each year.

Have a great Friday.

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6 Responses to 3rd March 2017 Morning News Wrap

  1. Adrian Gallagher says:

    “Sharks lose the first NRL game of the season. Broncos won.”

    Title is “News Wrap”. I what way is that “News”?


    • Adrian Gallagher says:

      I forgot the



    • Its news to sport fans. I rarely put sport stuff in the MNW so calm down. It will be ok.


      • Adrian Gallagher says:

        OK, calm now.

        Sorry, I don’t get excited over “news” about things happening in non-consequential areas such as the light entertainment industry.


      • Adrian Gallagher says:

        Yeah I know it’s UnAustralian but as only 0.003% of the people of Sydney though it worth going to watch the match I don’t feel lonely. 🙂

        I wonder how long such businesses would last if they didn’t have continual, repeated free advertising from the media under the guise of “news”?, though with that size crowd they only need people to pay $50 or so a match to get enough to pay the performers salaries.


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