4th March 2017 Morning News Wrap.


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

The mother who drowned her 5 year old son and then tried to drown his 9 year old brother had recently been released from jail and had snatched the boys from their custodial grandparents. Apparently she had told police of her intention to kill her sons.

Brisbane Nanny has been killed in a car accident the day her (Brisbane) rapist was to face jail. She was from Croatia and died in Croatia.

Senior Victorian MP’s attend Springsteen gig on Taxpayer dollars. I guess when it comes to their knowledge of legit expenses they were ‘Dancing in the Dark’ and when they are chased for repayment I bet they will think they were ‘Born to Run’. Ah remember the ‘Glory Days’ where there was less public scrutiny, less ‘War’ over misuse of expenses. In their defence they could have mistaken the event as a Refugee forum as the main speaker was ‘Born in the USA’. See Pic for Immigration Poster.

Sex Orgy happening in Sydney tonight. This is not a judgey comment so everyone calm down….its a statement of fact.

Queensland man finds strangers partying in his multi-million dollar home.

Record crowds expected at the Brisbane Gabba for Adele tonight. It took 96 semi trailers of sound gear etc for the set up.

Two young girls have watched in horror as their parents were bashed in a Home Invasion in South Australia.

Speaking of the dark state, residents of Adelaide have been asked to conserve power after a power station blew up.

Wall Street up 2 points.

Not a lot going on Internationally. Something about Trump, Mosul and Rod Stewart in trouble for mock doing an IS beheading on a beach somewhere. That’s about it.

Fact of the Day: A small child could swim through the veins of a blue whale.

Have a super Saturday.

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2 Responses to 4th March 2017 Morning News Wrap.

  1. Adrian Gallagher says:

    judge: verb “form an opinion or conclusion about”

    Or: something Christians have to do of all things to see how they line up with God’s standards. Things that are are to be commented. Things that don’t are sinful and (a) Christians should keep away from them and (b) sinners should be warned about them.


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