9th March 2017 Morning News Wrap.


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

A Channel 7 news study has found that over 600 women every day are being beaten, bullied or harassed across Australia. So no ok.

A WA School has selected two male School Captains because they deemed that none of the female students were up for the job.

Sydney Uni tried to suppress vid that could identify sex attacker.

That massive car crash the other day at Pheasants Nest where a mum and her son (who was a twin) was killed. The weird thing is that both drivers had twins that attended the same school.

British backpacker who was raped and abused for 2 months, is preparing to return home.

Waves up to 7 metres are pounding the NSW Coast.

Scorching heat has turned a Melbourne Lake Pink….yeah and on International Women’s Day too…..I suspect Glenn McGrath had something to do with it.

Sydney mother obsessed with perfection, drowned her baby daughter because she feared it had dwarfism.

Sons distraught as dad charged with the murder of their mother.

Girl snatched from outside a Brisbane school. Apparently her estranged mother has got her….for the second time in a month.

Stranded sailors rescued off the coast of Sydney.

Australia Day Perth plane crash was caused because the plane stalled.

Guatemalan teen refuge fire kills 19 girls.

Wall Street down 70 points.

Two gunman dressed as Doctors have open fired in a Kabul hospital over a 6 hour attack, killing 30 and injuring many others.

Wildfires in the US kill at least six people.

Boko Haram teen bride paid to blow herself up.

Rare Crocodile shark found off English Coast.

Fact of the Day: Re read the news and see how many of the news items are extremely negative toward women. Yeah we all celebrate International Women’s Day yesterday and now we move on. Let’s not move one. We have to be part of the change in our nation and world. Sure its about pay equality – and that’s the most we hear about….but its so so so much more about issues like abuse, rape, child brides etc.


Fathers of sons….teach your boys how to be a man who respects women.


End Rant. Mic drop and out.

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1 Response to 9th March 2017 Morning News Wrap.

  1. Adrian Gallagher says:

    “A WA School has selected two male School Captains because they deemed that none of the female students were up for the job”

    Which is what you do, you look at who can do the job and then you pick the best.

    Naturally this is reported in the negative, but if it was the other way round somehow it would suddenly become a positive wouldn’t it?

    Looking further one sees “We have a total of 24 prefects at the school from Years 7-12, 16 of whom are females,” (twice as many girls as boys!, why isn’t that the headline?, why aren’t we complaining against discrimination against males?) “not that it matters because they were offered these leadership positions on their merits” which is what it’s about (well that and what God says).


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