14th March 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

The Queen has launched the Baton Relay for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games which will be held in just over a year.

There have been 30 shootings in the last few months in Melbourne during gangland wars. Police this morning have arrested 20 people. They have been targeting Comanchero bikies. At least cause they ride Harley’s, it wouldn’t exactly be a high speed pursuit if any of them try to run….Actually if they did run that actually might be faster.

Adele was in Adelaide last night and ironically the power went out….but it was just a power cord that needed to be replugged in….still….Anyway see the pic of the Adelaide Concert.

QandA descended into chaos last night when they were discussing dead cartoonist Bill Leak. A member of the audience yelled out that he was a racist….and it went down hill from there….What happened to not speaking evil of the dead?

A Sydney Council has been accused of bullying an elderly man because he painted his house blue. Now he is feeling blue.

Sara Conner jailed for 4 years for her involvement in the death of a Bali Policeman.

Young Sydney man held on terror charges in Bulgarian prison.

Murder charge laid over a horror car crash last month in WA where one of the drivers deliberately drove down the wrong side of the road, eventually hitting another car, killing the driver.

More bad storms brewing over NSW.

Dubbo had a month’s rainfall in six hours yesterday. Shoutout to the MNW readers in Dubbo.

Massive Queensland Coal Mine (Adani) on shaky legal footing.

Mother and daughter found dead in Sydney Unit.

New One National Senator has caught the Measles….if only he was vaccinated by President Putin, he would have been ok.

Surfers try to help another surfer (while they were still out in the water) who was having a heart attack off Burleigh Beach in QLD.

2016 was the deadliest year for children in the Syrian conflict. 652 children died.

Wall Street down 15 points.

Scotland demands new vote before Brexit.

US Vice President to visit Oz.

Fact of the Day: Most lipstick contains fish scales.

Have a terrific Tuesday

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