18th March 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Tornado at Brisbane Airport. See Pic.

Queensland cops laughs as teen found dying. Doctors say he would have lived had the police immediately called an Ambulance. Sadly they didn’t and he died.

A Rex plane has landed in Sydney after one of its propellers fell off.

Border Patrol Officers are in trouble in Brisbane after one of their drug sniffing dogs went rogue and ran out onto the tarmac….they couldn’t catch him so they shot and killed him…leading to outrage. Is anyone else joining the dots…..A drug sniffing dog goes rogue……no surprises there. Probably had the munchies.

Kyrgious pulls out of the Indian Wells quarter final….which thankfully saves the viewing public from yet another awkward post match press conference.

The body of 11 year old boy missing in Wollongong, has been found. Very sad.

Unvaccinated NSW Girl fighting tetanus is currently in a critical condition in a Brisbane hospital.

Queensland man loses both legs to meningococcal.

Commentator Bruce McAvaney reveals cancer diagnosis.

Mum of three stabbed to death by ice addict housemate over $50.

Prince William visits Paris. First time since Diana died there.

Secret Service agent’s laptop stolen from a car. Contains sensitive information on Trump Tower, Hilary Clinton and the Pope. Seems to me to be a bit of a rookie error.

A medieval market that stood for five centuries, has been destroyed by fire in Aleppo.

A Pastor in Sierra Leone has found a 706 carat diamond. Well Praise Jesus and can someone give me an Amen.

Rock Climbing might become an Olympic Sport.

A Peruvian woman has hauled herself free of a nightmarish demise after being swept away in an enormous mudslide. See Pic.

Trump and Merkel meet. Let’s call it Twerkel. Trump Tweets about Twerkel.

An 11 year old girl to become Britain’s youngest mother.

School girl left with severe burns after her phone explodes in her lap.

Meticulous preparation in place to inform the world when Queen Elizabeth dies.

Fact of the Day: The new movie Kong: Skull Island is a plot free, character development free, waste of 118 minutes of your life that will make you deeply wish you could have watched a Bill Shorten press conference instead.

Have a great Saturday. I am off to Melbourne for the night.

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