31st March 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Massive rain in both Queensland and NSW has left 100,000 without power and meant thousands have had to be evacuated. The floods resulting from Cyclone Debbie are predicted to be the worse in 20 years.

Bull Shark found in a muddy puddle in Ayre, washed inland by the cyclone. See Pic. Its real life Sharknado!!!

The Cockatoo stripped bare by Cyclone Debbie and featured in the Morning News Wrap two days ago has died.

All Schools in South East Queensland have been closed as a result of the storm. Kids everywhere are devastated.

Daydream Island is expected to be closed for at least a month due to Cyclone damage. Thousands remain stranded on Hamilton Island.

Australian baby killed by IS militants as the father tried to flee the terror group. Yeah and the question is what was he doing there in the first place…..Oh being a terrorist….and then he changed his mind.

Melbourne man brutally beaten for $5.

Maccas increases the price of their hashbrowns by 25 cents.

A Ballarat man who was high on drugs when he crashed his car into a tree killing his four year old daughter has blamed the child restraint seat for not working properly. And this boys and girls is called ‘playing the I am a victim card’.

Heartbroken Brisbane mother to 2 year old Twins has been told one of them has only 12 months to live due to a birth defect where the child’s organs are on the wrong side of it’s body and it only has half a heart.

A WA school has banned kids doing handstands. Yeah we wouldn’t want kids to be actually do something physically. Maybe there is a handstand app they can download. Do you ever fear where society is heading?

West Tigers coach has…..just kidding….this is not the Morning Sports Wrap.

Putin says he’ll be glad to finally meet with Trump. Apparently Trump has requested that the meeting takes place with each Superpower leader only speaking in 160 characters at a time so Trump is in a communication environment that he is comfortable with. Hashtag that.

A British woman who tortured her neighbors by blasting Ed Sheeran’s hits late at night has been jailed. I have to say that I can fully relate to her poor poor neighbors. Yes I am in England at the moment and yes I get that Ed is English….but please Melanie and Laura……make it stop.  There is now a precedent where I can get you put in jail…..so…..The Castle on the Hill just may be the Tower of London.

There have been over 5 million Syrian Refugees since 2011…..and I bet all they want is to return to their homeland. It’s amazing the world’s superpowers and the UN and the EU are all powerless to stop issues like Syria happening. Superpowers…..yeah sure? How’s that working out?

Pet Dog kills it’s owner at his London home.

That will do for today. Stay safe. Stay dry. And at all costs…stay out of flood waters.

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1 Response to 31st March 2017 Morning News Wrap

  1. Adrian Gallagher says:

    West Tigers coach has…..just kidding….this is not the Morning Sports Wrap.

    Thanks and Good.


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