22nd April 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

US Vice President is in Sydney.

Fear of a measles outbreak in Sydney….I think I saw a documentary on this a few years ago called Contagion. Who saw that too?

Boy killed in a Melbourne Medical Centre when an out of control 4WD rams into a group of people.

Melbourne police on alert for ANZAC Day.

Ice addict stabs a war hero to death in Victoria and stole his medals.

‘The pain doesn’t go away’ says the parents of murdered woman Allison Baden Clay five years on from her death.

Sydney police sting catches a father trying to meet up with an 11 year old girl for sex.

Human remains found inside a submerged car in a Queensland dam.

Queensland restaurant owner arrested after major drug sting.

World’s first flying car takes to the skies.

Three relatives of the Paris gunman have been arrested.

Elderly woman throws neighbor’s dog in a rubbish bin amid feud.

A baseball fan in the US has been arrested after punching a fellow female fan in the face.

Dozens of people have been killed after a Taliban attack on a Military base in Afghanistan.

Wall Street down 30 points.

Ten people have been killed in the Venezuelan capital during a looting incident at a bakery.

A bus driver and 19 schoolchildren have been killed after a bus and a truck collided in South Africa. See Pic.

Turkey’s main opposition party has lodged an appeal after unstamped ballot papers were used in the narrowly won referendum.

Video has emerged of the moment an elderly woman at a US police academy training site was shot and killed by a trainee officer.

Fact of the Day: Only one satellite has been ever been destroyed by a meteor: the European Space Agency’s Olympus in 1993.

Have a super Saturday.

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