29th April 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


The siege in Wangaratta on ANZAC day involving an entire family and then ultimately where a husband killed his wife….well it has emerged that the mother was a hero who enabled the escape of her children.


A mother of four who failed to stop at train tracks in Taree last year and was hit by a train leaving one of her children severely disabled – has escaped jail time.


Bunnings issues urgent recall of heaters.


Federal Budget to increase student uni fees.


PM Bernie says Australia doesn’t need a Missile Defense System. Yeah watch how this changes when North Korea’s missiles can reach Canberra.


The young autistic boy snatched from a Brisbane Hospital by his parents has been found hundreds of k’s from Brisbane.


Police hunting Gold Coast hit n run driver that hit an 8 year old boy on his way to school.


Four people hurt in a balcony collapse in Yamba.


NZ bans teens watching 13 Reasons Why? But only gave one reason why!


Homelessness in Australia is on the increase amongst over 50 year old women.


Jetstar lashes out over a global survey that has found it is the worst airline in the world. Problem is they turned up 20 minutes late for the Press Conference and gave no explaination, made all the media buy their own refreshments and had the seats for the journalists way too close together.


US calls for new global push to stop North Korea or risk catastrophic consequences.


Charlie Sheen targeted in a drug raid.


A Taiwanese trekker missing for 47 days in Nepal’s remote Himalaya mountains has been found alive hugging his girlfriend, who died 3 days earlier.


The Pope is in Egypt. Probably wanted to go and see the Pyramids.


A 7.2 magnitude earthquake has hit of the coast of the Philippines.


A Canadian mother has told her stressed out 10 year old daughter’s school, that she is done with homework and will not be completing anymore.


1.2 million euros has been found in luggage at a German airport.


Fact of the Day: At a jet plane’s speed of 1,000 km (620mi) per hour, the length of the plane becomes one atom shorter than its original length.


Have a great Saturday.

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