16th May 2017 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Four people have been wounded in a shooting in Melbourne.

Sydney man to face court today for the murder of his mother yesterday.

Jetstar is going to start charging parents for babies that sit on their parents lap…..and yet the airline defends it’s ‘Worst Airline in the World title.’

Man charged with murder after two bodies found in a South Australian home.

Perth mum almost killed by cheap overseas breast implants.

Women accused of stealing flowers from graves in a Melbourne cemetery on Mother’s Day.

Sara Conner’s sentence for killing a Bali Cop has been increased by a year.

A teenage girl has been grabbed by a guy, tied up and sexually assaulted as she walked to school yesterday on the Central Coast.

Looks like North Korea was behind the Ransomware Global Cyber attack.

A wall has crashed down on an Indian wedding killing 24 people and injuring dozens more.

Roger Federer has pulled out of the French Open.

Syrian jail hid a crematorium out the back of a prison – where they disposed of executed prisoner’s bodies.

UK school may let boys wear skirts.

Wall Street up 83 points.

Reward offered to find out who shot a rare white wolf in Yellowstone National Park.

A woman in India has been gang raped and murdered and after she threatened to go to the police over the way a group of men were treating her.

Fact of the Day: In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

Have a super Tuesday.

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