17th May 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Breaking News: The White is in Lockdown after a security incident on the Northern Lawn. Yeah the security incident was Trump meeting with the Russians.

Search will resume this morning for a small plane with just the pilot on board – which disappeared after taking off from Murwillumbah.

Clive Palmer compares his forced court appearance to what happened in Nazi Germany – which is a stupid thing to say.

A 38 year old man has been charged with the stabbing murder of a man in Wagga.

A 2 storey pallet fire in Melbourne.

Victoria police have received advice from the DPP that Cardinal Pell could be charged.

A 15 year old boy who killed a mother in a horror high speed crash in Adelaide…has begged for leniency because he has had a bad childhood.

Salt Creek attacker to be sentenced today.

Sydney Grandma pretends to be blind in order to claim Centrelink pension. Hey grandma you know that Centrelink gives money to people who can see right?

Trump admits sharing secrets with Russia.

Plane vanishes inside the Bermuda Triangle.

BBC reporter touches woman’s breast live on air…. gets a right royal slap.

A freight train has derailed in Illinois threatening to spread hazardous material.

Wall Street down 2 points.

Police in a school in Ohio asked for volunteers from school students to be pepper sprayed….to give them a ‘radical life lesson.’

Thailand backs off Facebook block threat.

Earrings sold for world record $57.4 million. See Pic.

Massive boar chases the UK Ambassador.

Fact of the Day: Coca-Cola would be green if coloring wasn’t added to it.

Have a great Wednesday.

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