7th June 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


It has been confirmed that 28 year old Aussie nurse was one of the victims that was killed in the London Bridge terror attack. I am still shaking my head at Julie Bishop who pretty much whilst the attack was happening made the statement in a live interview that there were no Aussies involved. There were two other Aussies injured and one 21 year old Aussie girl is still missing. I like Bishop, just was amazed.


Hey so all the 15 people arrested in the 24 hours post the London attack have all been released without charge….So how did the police get all those arrests so wrong. Would hate to think they were ‘show’ arrests.


There has been an attack on a Policeman at Notre Dame in Paris. A man yelled this is for Syria and then attacked the Policemen with a hammer. Chaos followed as the crowds panicked.


Journalist Andrew Bolt has been attacked by three masked men as he was eating in a Melbourne Café.


RBA kept rates on hold and due to the slowing down of the housing markets economists are suggesting that rates may fall again by the end of the year.


Large group of men have brawled in a park in Murwillumbah leading to the stabbing death of one man.


A Police car has skidded off the road in Sydney overnight.


Lots of rain on the South East coast of NSW.


A mother from the Yorke Peninsula who was locked in a bitter custody battle with her ex, has killed her young son and then herself.


Popular Ipswich Mayor has resigned citing medical issues as he has MS….but as the resignation came less than 24 hours after his office was raided by the Anti Corruption Police….color my cynical.


The Melbourne Man who conducted that terrorist attack the other day had a huge history of violent crimes….but wasn’t on the Terror Watch List…..Wonder what you have to do to get on that list? I guess cause he was a part of a ‘Religion of Peace’ police weren’t concerned.


A Virgin flight to Albury was stormed by police after a man wrote BOM on a sick bag and left it in the toilets…..I guess he didn’t do so well in spelling in School.


George and Amal Clooney welcome Twins.


The Soccer World Cup 2022 in jeopardy due to the boycott currently against the nation of Quatar. See Pic.


A Delta Airline plane has landed at the wrong Airport….Whoops.


Wall Street down 48 points.


A live donkey has been fed to tigers in a Chinese Zoo.


The death toll from the Kabul suicide truck bomb last week has risen past 150 people.


South Africa falls into recession.


Have a Wonderful Wednesday.

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