8th June 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Fears around the world amongst anti terrorism agencies that a significant number of terror attacks will happen on June 21 which in Islam is known as the ‘night of power’ when Mohammed began to receive his revelations. Wait up…but aren’t his revelations a Religion of Peace?


NSW Riot police are going to get more powerful guns.


Northern Territory Government bungle sets pedophile free.


Accused Qantas pie in the face man faces court….see pic.


Massive rain storm hits Sydney causing major delays at the Airport.


FBI boss confirms that Trump asked him to drop the investigation into ties between his election and Russia…..Guess Trump isn’t quite ‘draining the swamp’.


ISIS attacks the Iranian Parliament killing 12 people. Isn’t Iran a strict Islamic country….Oh Muslims killing other Muslims….seems like something a religion of peace would do.


London Bridge attack death toll rises to 8.


A Californian teen has died moments after giving birth to her daughter after paramedics performed a c-section on her following her involvement in a car crash….the baby girl unfortunately also died the next day.


Wreckage has been found in the area where a Myanmar military plane went missing. On board were 100 soldiers and their families.


The UK go to the Polls today.


Wall Street up 37 points.


Macca’s customers in China were left disgusted after maggots crawled from their big mac. Apparently Macca’s China misinterpreted the idea from the American Head Office saying that they have to ask Do you want Fries with that?….and instead they were asking Do you want Flies with that?


A Canadian family has demanded an apology after police were filmed mocking their daughter who has down syndrome.


A man in Japan who has been on the run for 45 years has been caught by police. Apparently his favorite Movie of all time was Catch Me If You Can.


Police in Mozambique have warned bald men to be careful after 5 bald men were killed due to the belief that the heads of bald men contain gold.


Weird news day today. Have a good one.

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