12th June 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

The bodies of two sisters have been found in a house after a fire.

Batman has died.

900 Aussies celebrated in the Queen’s Birthday Honor List.

Australia is planning to build its first prison purely for terrorists so that other inmates aren’t radicalized.

A China Southern flight Sydney to Shanghai has suffered major engine failure and has had to return to Mascot Airport.

Fog causes disruptions at Sydney Airport.

Prince Philip turns 96.

Man in WA knocked from his body board by a Great White.

Assistant Commissioner investigated over Daniel Morcombe investigation.

Eight injured as a car ploughs into a crowd in Amsterdam….This actually was a genuine car accident.

Nearly 1000 inmates escape from a prison in the Congo.

Massive fire engulfs a building in China. See Pic.

2500 migrants rescued from the Mediterranean in the last 48 hours.

A man in Pakistan has been sentenced to death for a post he made on Facebook where he made negative comments about Islam. Whilst we as Australians are horrified at this and how much speech and opinions are subject to draconian laws in Pakistan….we aren’t actually too far away from this kind of control ourselves….Just ask Margaret Court about how free our speech and opinion is in this nation. You can have any opinion you want….just as long as it agrees with the humanistic left.

Dozens of new cracks discovered at Belgian nuclear reactors. I am not a nuclear scientist but this can’t be good.

Police have taken down a man who was randomly shooting at people in Moscow….killing four people.

Teen Mum in Texas has been charged after her two toddler daughters died when she left them in a car over night on a very hot night.

Three US soldiers killed after an Afghan Army soldier opens fire on them.

Welcome to Monday.

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