14th June 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

20 Coalition MP’s have expressed concern over the Bernie Govt’s new energy targets as its likely to lift the price of electricity. Maybe I miss understood this news item…may be it was saying that the Bernie Govt were aiming to actually have some energy and perhaps may I suggest actually do something. Nah just kidding…that will never happen. PM Bernie has about as much leadership energy as my 9 year old Shitzu dog in a food coma.

A driver has gone on a rampage in Melbourne, crashing into buildings including the Crown Casino. He was arrested inside the Casino. Seems like a bit of a gamble on his part.

Northern NSW residents told flooding risk still not over with more rain on its way today.

Laura Pilt disappointed that her school has not been flooded and therefore its open today.

1900 detainees in Manus Island may receive compensation from the Australia Government because they were mistreated.

A Kangaroo and a dog fight in brutal roadside battle in Coma for over 20 minutes until the cops arrived to break up the scuffle. Apparently Skippy and Lassie had walked out of a retirement home for washed up TV stars arguing whose show was the best.

Speaking of TV presenters who are about to become extinct. Channel Ten has still not secured a new $250 million debt facility which has bought its future into question.

A fire has ripped through a hotel in Toowoomba.

Top ATO boss quits amid fraud committed by son and daughter.

The Psych who was employed by police during the Lindt café siege and who said Man Monis would not kill anyone…has been sacked…took them long enough.

Sydney teen sexually assaulted in 19 hour ordeal.

Underground Nazi village unearthed on a Dutch Beach.

US Bachelor show cancelled due to sexual misconduct on the set….Isn’t that what the show promotes????

Wall Street up 92 points.

Smoke detected at the cripple Chernobyl power plant in the Ukraine.

Mass fight breaks out at wrestling tournament in Ingushetia.

For those who have never heard of Ingushetia it’s a Russian Republic.

32 people have been injured in a Carbon Dioxide leak in New York.

Ramadan prayers at a site of a Virgin Mary statue trigger outrage in Spain.

Qatar airways appeals to the UN over Gulf blockade…this is the world equivalent of dobbing to the teacher…Miss, Tommy hit me….

And on that note….I am out of here…Enjoy your Wednesday. Make it awesome. If you walk past a homeless person in the street, make sure you acknowledge them and say hi. Often they feel invisible due to being ignored by everyone.

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