19th June 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


ALP ahead in the Polls but Shorten and Bernie are equally as unpopular as each other. They are both about as popular as Teresa May three days after the Grenfell fire.


Clive Palmer takes his family on a luxury cruise….just a month after he was so so sick that he couldn’t give evidence in court…..It’s a Christmas miracle.


Comedian Will Anderson arrested after creating a stir on a Qantas plane as an air hostess tried to move him from the Exit Row. Probably shouldn’t have been yelling allahu akbar as he was running down the aisle…..Nah just kidding on that last bit.


A 48 year old South Australian grandfather was given a gift of a motorbike on Saturday for his birthday…from his eldest son….he took it for a spin and was killed…..this is a pretty sad story.


An Aussie in the US has life threatening injuries after being stomped by a bull in a rodeo. Apparently bulls are starting to fight back….read the next story.


Award winning matador dies after being gored by a bull…..Am amazed that bull fighting still exists.


Escaped pigs bring traffic to a standstill on a British Motorway. Apparently there were five and they were on the way to the market (oh except the one that stayed at home) but the one that closed the Motorway was going wee wee wee all the way home. It must have had a bladder infection or something.


2 people killed and 32 hostages rescued in an jihadist attack on a luxury resort in Mali.


Earthquake and tsunami caused major flooding in Greenland.


Costa Rican President accidentally eats wasp live on air during speech. Ironically his controversial speech had some real sting in it…..nah not really.


Nepal to measure Everest again after the devastating earthquake of 2015. There are fears that it is no longer the tallest mountain in the world. Fingers crossed for Kosciusko to get the new gig.


Over 700 soldiers get food poisoning at a military base in Western Turkey. Ironically they were eating turkey……nah no really.


At least 62 people killed and 59 injured in Portugal forest fires. See Pic. Apparently it was so hot that cars melted to the road.


A flight Paris to Kunming has hit turbulence and 20 people were injured.


3 women killed in a shopping mall blast in Bogota Colombia.


Have a super Monday.

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