21st June 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Four year old dies after being found face down in a Sydney Bathtub.


The Aussie missing after escaping from a Bali Prison, may actually not have made it out and they think he drowned in the tunnel.


Woman killed and 12 injured as a taxi and minibus collide in Victoria.


Grafton man who pleaded two years for help to find his missing wife has been arrested and charged with her murder.


Former Ipswich Mayor could face life in jail after a corruption probe.


A Muslim man living in Sydney who kidnapped a teen girl and then forced her to marry him in an Islamic ceremony….has been given bail…..well of course he has. The kidnapping and rape of a teenage girl….nothing serious there (#insertcynicaltone).


The far north Queensland teen who was bitten by a croc trying to impress a girl has been arrested for attacking a policeman on a meth fueled rage…..now that’s not the way to impress a chick.


In the headline news today….PM announces gas export restriction…..yeah ONE MONTH AGO. Come on Skynews….do better.


The guy who attempted the terrorist attack yesterday in Paris was on a Terror Watchlist…..which I personally think these watchlists are useless.


India arrests 15 men for ‘sedition’ after cheering for Pakistan in a cricket match…makes me concerned about cheering for Queensland in tonight’s State or Origin. But I like a winner so I will take the risk.


Estonia to set up the world’s first data embassy in Luxumbourg.


Bomb has exploded at a Brussels underground train station.


Three injured as a NATO SUV crashes into a car carrying Lithuanian students.


Waterbombing plane fighting wildfires in Portugal has crashed.


Man shouting Allahu Akbar causes terrorism scare on Swiss Subway. I think Allahu Akbar means everything is ok I come from a religion of peace.


Al-Shabaab car bomb kills 10 and injures over 20 outside a Government building in Mogadishu.


Wall Street down 61 points.


Faroe Islanders slaughter whales by hand in annual hunt….See Pic.


Danish family threatened with a fine for flying an American Flag in their garden.


In some parts of America, it’s too hot to fly at the moment and so flights are being cancelled.


Have a super Wednesday.

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