5th July 2017 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Bernard Tomic says he couldn’t care less about tennis, is bored of the sport and admitted to faking an injury during a match in Wimbledon……Australia’s male tennis players are an embarrassment to the nation. Seriously we should be sacking Tennis Australia and asking some probing questions.


Optus crashes across the country. Its got the Air Asia Bug.


Two arrested after six year old girl vanishes from Queensland home.


Push for changes to law in South Australia after teen steals car, kills woman.


Perth couple homeless after runaway truck destroyed their new renovated home.


A WA woman has regained consciousness after a month in a coma.


Two men have been given two year bans from QLD Stadiums after sexually harassing two ladies in the crowd at Sunday’s fight….both ladies were Channel Ten News readers who filmed it and then gave the footage to the police.


North Korea has launched a missile.


Qatar says the list of deadlines from the Arab states is impossible to meet: as the deadline looms.


Casket containing child organs found on Philadelphia street.


Big riot at a juvenile prison in Guatemala City. Gang members are now in control.


One of the states in India has planted 66.3 million trees all in a 24 hour period using 1.5 million volunteers….Unfortunately I bet a lot of the saplings will be eaten by the Kangaroos within the next month.


Hanoi is banning motorbikes by 2030…..People will still be allowed to ride Harleys though as they don’t technically qualify as a motorbike.


Over 1200 children have been rescued from slavery in England over the last 12 months.


Wall Street closed.


That will do for today….Have a super Wednesday.

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