19th July 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Big News this morning: A person on Facebook received a Facebook message that demanded that they pass it on to all their friends….and they didn’t…possibly the first person in the world not to blindly obey the instructions from a random message. There is hope for humanity. Certainly a news worthy item for this incredibly courageous and thoughtful individual.


Silent vigil being held in Sydney for Justine Damond, the Aussie woman who was shot and killed by Police in the US. Which incidentally has been the response of the police department in the US….silence.


A second Greens Senator has resigned for being the citizen of another country. Her comment at the Press Conference…..I am sorry but I have discovered I have dual citizenship…….Let me interpret……Oh whoops I forgot I was actually from another country…..I guess its pretty easy to forget YOU ARE BORN IN CANADA. She has been in parliament for just 6 years so in that very short time she had no time to consider this issue.


A Sydney man with Devast8 written in huge letters across his face has decided its time to get the tat lasered off his face. YOU THINK?


Angry Aussie filmed in dramatic 90 minute stand off on a ledge at Bali Airport.


Gold Coast father miraculously has survived a 7 storey fall.


Police are encouraging people in Australia to have conversations with their neighbors after a Northern Beaches couple were found dead in their homes. Both in their 80’s, he died and then because she was blind and had disabilities she then starved to death because no one was there to care for her.


In Oz, babies as young as 1, are presenting to Dentists with tooth decay.


More than 550 boys have been sexually abused at a German Catholic Choir school that was overseen by the Pope’s Brother.


ISIS Mag praises attack on ‘crusader Australia’.


Aussie dollar soars to two year high. Its nearly 80 cents to the USD at the moment. Great if you are about to travel to the US.


Swiss couple missing for 75 years have been found perfectly preserved in glacial ice.


Apparently ‘Peculiar signals’ are coming from a star only 11 light years away….Maybe the truth is out there. See Pic.


A Golden Retriever has rescued a baby deer from drowning.


Police in the US has set a naked man on fire after tasing him.


Turkey’s new curriculum ditches teaching Darwin and Evolution..instead will teach jihad as ‘loving your nation’. Seems peaceful.


A woman in China staring at her phone has fallen to her death down a flight of stairs. Here is a safety tip if you are walking: put your phone away. In Australia an increasing number of pedestrians are being struck by cars because they are too busy snap chatting or whatever the young’uns do these day.


Have a super Wednesday. Give Blood.

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