29th August 2017 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Labor Senator Katie Gallagher insists she is not an Ecuadorian citizen…And oddly enough Aussie Julian Assange has been living as one for the last three years.


$2.85 billion is not being paid in employee’s Super entitlements each year.


Australia is being crushed by Bangladesh in the cricket….remember the old days when Bangladesh had about as much respect and ability in the cricket world as the Blues State of Origin have in the footy world.




Federal Police have cleared the One Nation party of electoral fraud. Apparently there were looking to see if they could call Pauline in for an interview and open up the questioning with….Please Explain.


The father of the 3 year old girl who shot and killed herself as she played with a loaded gun yesterday in Sydney, has been arrested….and he was breaking an AVO by being at the family’s home.


Ironman Champion Dean Mercer has died in a Gold Coast car accident yesterday.


Headline reads…’Beekeeper accidently imported drugs into a Australia’…yeah he was busted in a police sting…and now is in a sticky mess.


A car hoon has destroyed the graves of 30 babies in a Cairns cemetery.


Reports a family of 6 has drowned in the Texas floods.


Dams built to protect cities in Texas are rising at 4 inches an hour and are nearing capacity. They will begin releasing water today which will make the flooding worse. They are now saying it’s a once in a 1000 year flood.


A nurse in Germany is thought to have killed over 90 patients.


It’s coming up to the 20th Anniversary of the death of Princess Diana….just in case you were wondering why she is all over your TV…..31st August 1997. See Pic.


Wall Street down 5 points.


Death toll rises to 14 in California Hep A outbreak.


Philippines President orders police to killed ‘idiots who violently resist arrest’.


Cargo breaks in two and sinks off the coast of Turkey.


7 people in Rwanda have been killed by crocs amid a dry spell.


Have an awesome Tuesday.

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