30th August 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Natalie Imbrugila’s song Torn was actually a cover of a song from an LA Band.


Sydney’s CBA cloud arch structure that looks like a massive tapeworm and will cost $11 million dollars. See pic. I could do it for $10 million.


PM Bernie will demand lower power bills for one million people….well if it was that easy…..why has it taken this long just to ask? Oh Oh and he wants letters to be sent by Christmas and in his words ‘in plain english’…..so he assumes if you can’t afford your powerbill you are dumb…..What a Prime Minister for the people you are Bernie.


Shorten blasts the first ad from the ‘No’ gay marriage side as hurtful and judgmental……Apparently its not right to be judgmental or hurtful. Oh unless you are talking about the people who support the No vote….then you can be as hateful and hurtful as you want. I love how everyone talks about being inclusive….but let’s not be inclusive of Christians.


Man killed after car rolls into a creek south of Adelaide.


A surfer has punched a shark in the face at Lorne as it tried to cuddle him……or eat him…but today I am believing the best in all Sharks.


CBS has bought Channel 10…..Dear CBS here are some problems with the Channel…..The Project and also the way the Channel fakes news stories to push forward its leftist agenda. Trump has raged against fake news….well Channel 10 specializes in it…….Oh and no one is watching Studio Ten or the Bold and Beautiful….


Sydney dad sobs in court after his 3 year old daughter shot herself whilst playing with his loaded gun……Well here are some questions sad dad. 1) Why do you have a loaded gun. 2) Why is it not in a gun safe. 3) Why is a loaded gun left unsupervised? 4) Why does your toddler have access to play with this? 5) Why were you even at the house seeing you had an AVO out against you?


French court overrules ban on non pork meals citing ‘children’s interest’….Yes I want to live in a world where every child can eat bacon.


Kidnapping fears as girl vanishes from a French Alps party.


President’s wife in trouble for wearing stilettos as she inspects the Texas flood zone……Trolls are calling her Flood Watch Barbie…….grow up people. Who cares what she wears….unless it was a T-shirt that said…Everything is always bigger in Texas….or a Shirt that said….You call this a storm, remember Katrina? Or a shirt that said…..At least this President actually turned up to the storm…..actually that last one is ok. (Sorry George).


Death toll from the Hurricane Harvey is 14.


Joel Osteen slammed for slamming the doors of his mega church building to flood victims….see what I did there….anyway…the world has raged….but it turns out the hot water Osteen was in was actually flood water as the reason he has not opened the church building is that the building is flooded.


Freak Storm turns Istanbul street into raging rapids.


Wall Street down 56 points.


Taylor Swift needs to see a counselor….well that’s the opinion of the Morning News Wrap staff as she releases yet another song about her hurt, pain and the ways she has changed her life due to the ways she was treated back in the olden days…..well long ago…..So apparently she doesn’t follow her own advice of Shake it off. Shake it off.


And on that note….Have a super Wednesday….stop on the way to work and buy some muffins for your work mates…..Dear Suellen, Gary, Ross or Bec…..I like Choc Chip Muffins just in case you see this and decide you are buying muffins….oh oh and some diet cokes….chilled and 600 ml bottles…..ok that escalated quickly.

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