4th September 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


A Kiwi is about to become Australia’s PM with PM Bernie overseas, New Zealander Barnaby Joyce will be Australia’s leader. New nic name for the Acting PM….PM All Blacks. See our Nation’s new flag.


The ALP have said they may walk out of the Parliament as a protest. Christopher Pine said if they do that it will increase significantly the average IQ of the parliament….A pretty good burn if I do say so myself.


KFC customer steps in to stop a man with a gun at an Ipswich store. There has to be a funny line here but my brain is struggling to adult this morning so it refuses to bring forth the line…..Anyone got a suggestion…..? Oh Oh it just dropped in….Thankfully the hero customer wasn’t chicken. Or this one….lucky the gun carrier wasn’t Finger Clickin Good.


Headline reads Dueling Pythons do battle on a Lake Macquarie’s woman’s deck. I watched the video….looked like snake sex to me but I am no expert.


A petition has been started to deregister a GP who appeared in an ad for the no campaign in the SSM debate……seems inclusive of the yes camp….Oh that’s right….you can have any opinion as long as it is yes.


12 people have been hurt in a burn out accident in Alice Springs.


Sydney woman who had just given birth by C Section, had to have another operation as the doctor had left a need inside her….The doc was heard to remark as he was looking for the needle…..I know I put it down somewhere around here.


That Brisbane guy that was set alight the other day…..was a drug baron who was attacked after a drug deal went bad.


North Mexico is experiencing some of the heaviest rain it has had in over 80 years.


North Korea has tested a hydrogen bomb….America has said some more words.


A WWII bomb has been unearthed on a building site in Frankfurt….60,000 people evacuated.


A reporter in the US has stopped a live report to rescue a woman trapped in flood waters…..good for him.


Villages burned to the ground as Myanmar death toll rises.


LA Wildfire the biggest in the city’s history.


ISIS suicide bombing attack on Iraqi power station kills 7.


9 men thrown off a Ryanair flight for shouting ‘Allahua Akbar’.


At least 2 people have been killed when part of a huge mountain of garbage came crashing down at a landfill on the outskirts of the Indian Capital.


Have a super Monday…..I passed a family of little wild ducklings yesterday….Spring is definitely in the air.

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