3rd September 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Princess Kate is having another baby. She is very sick as the potential future King or Queen is being put together. Peter is not one of the names being suggested by the bookies which I personally am disappointed about.


The Brisbane drug baron that was doused with petrol and set alight last week, has died.


Famous former Aussie Idol contestant Paulini pleads guilty to bribing an RMS Officer in order to get a license.


RBA meets today to talk about interest rates….they will be left on hold.


The new Emergency Department at the Adelaide Hospital is opening today….it has a state of the art Hampster powered MRI Machine, solar powered X Ray machine and wind turbines installed for all life support systems which all means if you call an ambulance in Adelaide, only do it on a clearly windy day early in the month when the Hampsters are fresh and energetic. See Pic.


Foul Weather set to endure in snap frozen Victoria….wow lucky that’s not in Adelaide.


A Victorian man has died after being ambushed and shot on the way to the local RSL on Sunday for a drink.


A man has escaped a shark attack off the coast of Melbourne. Imagine the news headlines in the Shark World……A family of sharks faces certain death from starvation due to the father’s inability to catch food. (there is no social welfare in the Shark world).


A mum in the US has been arrested because at a school dance, her 12 year old daughter’s dress revealed a big tattoo across her back ‘Jesus is Love.’ Well he is so I don’t see the problem.


A wedding guest who was at the wedding in the ALPS where a 9 year old girl went missing has now been charged.


Something about Kim Jong Un…..another day another threat or missiles and then lots of words of outrage by world leaders….and then another day another threat or missiles and then lots of words of outrage by world leaders…Its like Groundhog Day.


Wall Street closed overnight.


A leaking gas fridge has poisoned a family in Alaska, killing the 10 year old son and making the rest of the family very sick.


A man has died at the Burning Man Festive….running into a fire that was of a Burning Man….Ironically he then became a Burning Man.


He is now Burnt Man.


Caribbean Island battens down for Hurricane Irma.


An award winning 13 year old Life Saver in South Africa has taken her own life due to bullying.


Have an amazing Tuesday.

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