6th September 2017 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Socceroos missed out on an automatic ticket into the Soccer World Cup.


RBA leaves rates on hold.


PM Bernie and President Trump are about to have a phone call…..Just give it a few minutes and someone in the Coalition Government will leak a full transcript of the confidential call.


A five year old Sydney boy has died hours after being sent home from a Hospital complaining of stomach pains.


WA place a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.


An Australian Lamb Ad has caused upset amongst Indians because it depicts leaders of all the major religions tucking into a Lamb Roast…..and the Hindu god (or one of the 300 million Indian gods) Ganesha toasts to lamb as she eats some lamb….the offensive thing is that apparently she doesn’t eat meat…..Just for the record Jesus actually describes Himself as the Lamb of God.


The US and the Caribbean brace for ‘extremely dangerous storm’ – cyclone Irna is about to make land.


French Mag fined $150,000 for publishing topless photos of Princess Kate (taken a few years ago)….the lawsuit argues that publishing the photos was a gross act of invasion of privacy….although I tend to think if you get your boobs out on a public beach your desire for privacy seems to be a grey area in your world.


Zika virus kills brain cancer cells new research shows.


Wall Street down 234 points as the market reacts to the US Hurricane season, and North Korea.


An Indian couple have flown to the US to beat their daughter in law for being not a good wife.


Israel evicts a Palestinian family who had lived in their house for 53 years, to make way for Jewish settlers.


German police under fire for telling women joggers to jog in pairs after a jogger was brutally raped.


A flash flood in Russia has carried away a stroller with a baby in it….sparking a major search.


Solar Storms cause Sperm Whales to beach themselves in the North Sea…..and how do scientists know this?????


Death toll from Cyclone Harvey is now 60 people.


Five bags of ecstasy have exploded in the stomach of a law student in Ibiza, killing him.


A Student attacks teacher at a Russian school with an ax and then open fire…injuring 4 people.


Have a great Wednesday.

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