8th September 2017 Morning News Wrap



M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


70 firefighters are battling a blaze in an apartment block in Sydney.


PM Bernie in Samoa….probably looking for a sized nation that fits his leadership abilities better.


Apparently Climate change is set to dominate the agenda……um I am not a leader in the South Pacific but um well this is awkward…..but do you think they should be talking ABOUT NORTH KOREA WANTING TO BRING NUCLEAR WAR TO THE PACIFIC…..Just a thought.


Second Sydney women charged over botched boob job…This is a breaking story and I will keep you abreast of developments.


Vidcon opens in Melbourne.


There is a man on the run in Melbourne on the Police Wanted List called William Wallace. The internet has gone wild about that with many memes being posted like….The Vic Police will never take his freedom.




26,000 guns have been surrendered since the Gun Amnesty started in July with most of them coming from NSW. Well what does that say about NSW….They can’t play footy and they like illegal guns…..No wonder they have a big banana, a big prawn and a big sheep.


A QLD man who was driving when he had an accident that killed his girlfriend has been awarded $200,000 of her super outraging her family.


Hurricane Irma has killed 10 people in the Caribbean. See pics of the damage. It is set to be the most costliest storm in history.


Teen pro surfer dies while surfing Hurricane Irma swell.


Get this….this is an interesting one….there was so much rain from Hurricane Harvey that it caused the earth’s crust to flex downward because it was so heavy.


Which funnily enough also happens when the poll results on the popularity of PM Bernie are released….the downward pressure of the polls causes the earth’s crust to flex down.


There are 3 Hurricanes in the Atlantic basin.


Prince George starts school


Kate still sick.


Pope in Colombia.


Wall Street down 22 points.


Real Lego House set to open. Ed Sheeran would be so proud.


Landmines placed in the path of Rohingya refuges on Myanmar border.


That’s it…. It’s Friday….That week went quick….It’s Christmas soon.

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