13th September 2017 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Apple launches the new iPhone 8 and iPhoneX.


Queensland mother gives birth at 51. QUEENSLANDER!!!!


Intruder still on the run after stabbing a security guard at an elite girls schools.


100 firefighters battle huge grass blaze in Sydney.


Darwin man filmed hosing an elderly aboriginal man outside his shop.


A 7 year old boy has watched his parents and 11 year old brother fall to their deaths into a volcanic crater near Naples, Italy.


President Trump becomes a grandfather again. Apparently when he was told his son had given birth, his first comment was…..that’s fake news.


Terror alert at Barcelona tourist hotspot.


Resident begin to return to home in Florida. Looting is happening.


More than 100 high risk prisoners escape British island during Hurricane Irma.


New Sanctions against North Korea.


Monster Alligator causes problems in Malaysia. Where is Steve when we need him.


Wall Street up 64 points.
San Francisco hit by 800 lightning bolts in a single day.


Shooter arrested at New Hampshire’s largest hospital.


Whitehouse is in lockdown second time in two days.


Hilary Clinton launches new book…..media reviews are all saying she is blaming everyone else but herself. For the record I think Hilary is a bacon hating, Harley riding, cat owner. There I put it out there.


An Amazon tribe that had no contact with the outside world have been killed and chopped up by gold miners.


And that my friend is the news for Wednesday. So there…..Go and be your best self today.

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