14th September 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


And let’s start off the day celebrating the injustice of our Justice System… A man who beat his wife and then stalked her from jail and who breached a Violence Order 14 times in four months has walked from jail free. Of course he has….


I am thinking of becoming a Judge….what’s that, I just found my qualification in my cornflakes paket.


Oh Oh here is another super one…..a man caught drunk driving 6 times over the legal limit….has escaped jail time and only got his license suspended for 12 months……Gee all the money we spend on RBTs are so worth when they are backed up like this by the judicial system. Now where are those cornflakes.


100 bushfires burning around the state….big one in the Hunter Valley.


Doctors push for a 19% pay rise…can’t they already charge whatever they want?


Third Melbourne Council dumps Australia Day. I bet in those council regions, Australia Day is celebrated more passionately than ever before. This is kind of what we do in Australia when we are told we can’t do something. Love it.


Rebel Wilson gets $4 million in that famous lawsuit….’crushed it’.


Wallabies star causes a storm after voicing he wont be supporting gay marriage….but I am sure those new laws against hate speech will be a protection for him (he says cycnically)….oh what’s that, they only protect supporters of the yes message: Roger that.


Six die in sweltering heat in a Florida retirement village.


Meghan Markle meets the Queen.


Woman, 40 arrested, for breaking into Prince George’s London school.


One dead and multiple people injured at a school shooting in Washington State.


Paris is to hire falcons and buzzards to scare off pigeons in its CBD. Apparently they also have been playing Bill Shorten’s Press Conferences, Adverts for The Project and Taylor Swifts new song to scare away the Pigeons but its scare off all wildlife.


Record highs for US markets. Wall Street up 39 points.


Moscow inundated with bomb threats.


Homelessness is up 134% since the Tories gained power in the UK.


Pope has been given a ‘baby calf’. Well here is the problem….a calf is a baby cow so you can’t actually be given a ‘baby calf’. See pic of the apparent ‘baby cow’.


Prices of food is soaring in NZ….probably because they are eating that Italian delicacy of ‘Baby Cow’….. apparently it’s very popular with Kiwi Catholics.


Apparently Gen Y is out of their depth with political terms……this story coming from the same website who talked about a ‘baby cow’.


Have a great day…..MOOOOOO!

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