16th September 2017 Morning News Wrap



M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


ISIS (read representatives of the Religion of Peace) claim responsibility for a bucket bomb on a crowded London Underground Train. 29 people have been injured. The explosion only partially exploded which may have saved people.


UK Terror Threat Level raised from severe to critical. The PM says that another attack is imminent. But she has said that the Military Forces will provide protection and reassurance….I have to say with the number of attacks in London this year….I am not sure any reassurance has any level of credibility. Maybe instead of raising the Terror Threat Level they should try and raise the credibility level.


America says it is considering Military action against North Korea and I think its awesome that they announce this and let North Korea know…..#greatmomentsinwar.


NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has plunged into Saturn at 113,000ks/hour ending a 20 year mission. It took just a minute to burn up which is about the same time a first generation North Korean rocket used to fly. As this planet is the only one with Rings, there is a push on Social Media to rename the planet Beyoncé as God put on ring on it.


A Western Sydney Teen is recovery after being hit in the head by an Axe in a Maccas.


Brisbane beat Penrith in the NRL Finals.


5 year old girl has been attacked by a man on a Sydney street…..the attacker ran off after the little girl screamed for help, alerting her mother.


In the US a man has been shot 16 times for holding a toy gun…..seems a little excessive.


A Nun in Miami has been filmed helping in the cleanup after she grabbed a chain saw and starting cutting up storm debris in the full nun uniform….hope she doesn’t make this a habit…see pic.


Pakistani Christian sentenced to death for sending an Islamic insulting poem via Whatsapp.


Saudi Cleric declares war on Birthdays.


Man shouting ‘Alluha Akbar’ has attacked two women with a hammer in France.


Russia slashes interest rates as its economy stalls. I think when your currency is called the Ruble which is very close to the word Rubble, maybe a name change is in order….Maybe the Glasnost or the Gorbachev….or the Trump.


A hoon driver has bitten the ears off a Good Samaritan who came to help him after he crashed his car in Adelaide. In an eerie development, the hoon also attacked police. Police are trying to identify if Mike Tyson is in Australia.


Nick Xenephon is currently saying something on SkyNews as I watch it…..but all I can hear is yadda yadda yadda and then my brain is asking where is my bacon.


Eastern Brown Snake found in a Brisbane house in an underwear draw….Yeah many comments but its too easy so I will leave it.


A British tourist has been snatched by a croc in Sri Lanka as he washed his hands.


That will do for today. Hey if your Mum is still alive, give her a call. She misses you. Tell her I said Hi and that I asked you to call…..That should start an interesting conversation.

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